The Best Revenge Mug


Nothing like a cup of joe in the morning and a nice reminder that we don't give AF about whoever's B.S. is trying to get into our mental zone. Whatever you put in here, from coffee to drank to plants, always remember: Not giving a fuck is the best revenge.

We donate a portion of our profits from every season to a charity related to our messages. Thanks for helping us help others. ❤️

Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, and can travel anywhere you...want to take a mug, I guess. Made of ceramic, this mug holds 11 oz. (325 ml) of your favorite likkid. Or, cookies or candy or whatever else you wanna do with your mug. Planter? Sure, why not! Free U.S. shipping over $300.

Notice! All of our items are custom made and take several days to get done and ship. They might be a little different here or there, so enjoy the uniqueness.