Mental Health Is Not A Meme Dad Hat


We love to joke and play around with mental health on the internet, to cope and be funny. But, the reality is that it's a serious issue and we need to highlight this for all the world to see. It should be talked about, and it shouldn't be a stigma. Part of our "Sticky Notes" series. Features a handwritten note by us, as well as the eyes from our EGOPROOF logo, in three-color embroidery. Includes our "Bounce Bounce" logotype on the back. Available in black and red.

We donate a portion of our profits from every season to a charity related to our messages. Thanks for helping us help others. ❤️

Free U.S. shipping over $300. Three-color embroidery on our 100% chino cotton twill dad hat. Unstructured, 6-panel, low-profile, adjustable strap with antique buckle.

Notice! All of our items are custom made and take several days to get done and ship. They might be a little different here or there, so enjoy the uniqueness.