The Struggle Is Real T-Shirt


The struggle is real, but so is hope. Our original tee from our first collection, available in limited quantities, for a limited time. Let's do this. Available in black and white.

Free U.S. shipping. This shirt is made from organic cotton and recycled poly rPET blend that makes the fabric more durable and heavyweight. It saves at least 4 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill. 60% organic cotton, 40% recycled poly rPET, regular fit.

Notice! All of our items are custom made and take several days to get done and ship. They might be a little different here or there, so enjoy the uniqueness. Printed with eco-friendly and water-based inks, our setup for this may be slightly stanky. Pls dnt b mad, it'll wash out. Hppy hppy.

Size Guide

S (in) 28 18 ½
M (in) 29 20
L (in) 31 22
XL (in) 32 24
2XL (in) 33 26
3XL (in) 34 28
S (cm) 71.1 47
M (cm) 73.7 50.8
L (cm) 78.7 55.9
XL (cm) 81.3 61
2XL (cm) 83.8 66
3XL (cm) 86.4 71.1