It’s a good day for a good day.

EGOPROOF was born from our struggle with mental health. Ang and I worked in the apparel, music, and art fields for decades, and dealing with the struggle both with everyone in the industry and in our personal lives led us to create EGOPROOF.

We have been nomadic since 2011, and we use the inspiration we find on the road, as well as daily experiences and conversations with the world around us, to create collections that speak to the world and hopefully bring people to recognize that it’s okay to talk about mental health.

Black. Red. White. Even though our brains are known to be somewhat chaotic, we try to keep our lines clean and bold in order to be seen as clear and understandable. Our complexity is projected as simplicity through high-quality goods for you and yours.

A portion of proceeds from each sale benefits our chosen charity of each collection.

For wholesale, mural, and collaboration inquiries, please see our contact page.

- Ryan

The Struggle Is Real, But So Is Hope. by EGOPROOF


We donate a portion of our profits from every season to a charity related to our messages. A portion of

this season's profits are automatically donated to Covenant House. Thanks for helping us help others. ❤️