2023 Drop 1: Home Is Where The Homies Are

2023 DROP 1: HOME IS WHERE THE HOMIES ARE. 😎 I dig my fam, and that’s home, too. 🏠 But, homies are fam we made along the way. 🚶 🚗 ✈️ 😍 🤝 🥸 And no matter where I go, I always feel at home when I’m with friends. We travel nonstop, and we’ve made friends near and friends afar, and there’s nothing better than linking up and feeling like I’m home once again. 🤗 From when I was a young buck through today and definitely tomorrow, that’s how it’s gonna be. 💯 Shout out to all y’all, and to you and your homies, too. All these items are now available on the site. 😘 Here’s to a damn good 2023. ❤️

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