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The Struggle is Real, But So is Hope
March 24, 2023

The Struggle is Real, But So is Hope

The Struggle is Real, But So is Hope. Each day that you awake is another chance to alter your life. The tiniest of movements propel you toward your dreams. Just keep holding on and ride the waves as they come. 

Yes, those times when the trauma or triggers surface, and you can not seem to get out of bed. Those days suck. 

Those moments are challenging when darkness envelops you, and it feels like you have not said a word in days.  

Some of us stay in that space for a long time. Months. Years. It can feel like time does not exist, and you are standing still while the world is moving around you. 

An area that is sunk below its surroundings: hollow. That is one of the best descriptions of what it feels like to suffer from depression. 

This blog intends to let you know that you are not alone on this healing journey. Around 17.3 million U.S. adults experience at least one major depressive episode.

Your feelings are valid. Your reactions are understandable. 

You can take steps to get through this, and we are here to guide you through them. 


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi


This is such an impactful quote. You know, sometimes I feel like we are the chosen ones. Those that struggle most in this world seem to have the most wisdom. We are the survivors of difficult experiences, and our resilience strengthens with each trial and tribulation that comes our way. 

Our stories can help so many people that suffer in silence. But first, we must heal ourselves. 

Depression comes in many forms. It is a complicated mood disorder that affects everyone differently. 

Let us break it down further,

  • Seasonal depression usually occurs during the winter months. The lack of sun and longer nights contribute to this feeling of “gloominess”. The holiday season usually adds to the depression since it can be difficult for many. However, once summer comes around, the depression is lifted. 
  • Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD, is identified by at least two weeks or more of feeling down. Symptoms tend to be severe and affect how you feel and think daily. 
  • Postpartum Depression can occur after the birth of a new child.  The sudden change in life and lack of sleep may contribute to its onset. And yes, men can also suffer from postpartum depression. 
  • Atypical depression is considered a form of major depressive disorder, but with atypical depression, you can feel moments of joy depending on where you are or what you are experiencing. 


And finally, spiritual depression. This one you will not find in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 

A spiritual depression may lead to what is known as, “The dark night of the soul,” and it occurs after great distress in your life. A family passing. A painful breakup or that moment when it hits you in your face because of years of placing your trauma on a shelf. 

It is a moment in your life when you question it all as you lay in a fetal position on a cold tiled floor (or carpet), crying your eyes out. Hygiene is out the window, and socializing feels impossible! 

You begin to look at those parts of yourself that hide. You begin to question your existence and purpose. You reach out to your God for guidance. You tap into your inner child and realize how long you have neglected yourself and your pain. 

If you find that you are in the dark night of the soul at this moment, I am glad you found these words, it will be okay. Because on the other side of that, you will find:

  • You did the inner child work, acknowledging the root cause of many of your behaviors and pain.
  • You achieved true self-forgiveness.
  • You accepted what you could not control.
  • You accepted your flaws. 
  • You acknowledged your strengths. 
  • You have released any co-dependencies.
  • You have released addictions or anything/anyone that does not align with your greatest good.
  • You found and fell in love with yourself and your own company.

Be kind to yourself if you are going through any bad times and are isolated. Drink water, take vitamins, and get some air. 


Claw your way out of it!


Self-healing is one of the most challenging roads you will ever face. 

But it is possible to achieve self-fulfillment. 

Whether mild or significant, temporary or chronic, it is essential to identify where you are to know how to proceed with your comeback. That is right, I said, come back!  


Will I ever stop being depressed? 


Heck yeah! I mean, we all experience moments of sadness and hopelessness. It is not something that will completely disappear. We live in a dualistic world where everything has its counterpart, even happiness. However, you can not chase happiness or wait for it to magically appear because you will only find it in the moment. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. 

It’s all about time and dedication to yourself. 

One day you will get up and feel different. The pain will feel lighter. You may even crack an authentic smile. 

The moment you snatch your energy back! You will be tempted to fall back into the gloom, but if you continue to do the work, your chances of ascending to the next level of your life will increase. 

The key is to acknowledge the source of the bad times, accept it for what it is, then release it. 

It is not simple and takes much practice because most have made it a habit to look down on themselves in those moments of despair

Speaking of habits, these come to exist from the many small decisions we make throughout our day. Repetitive actions breed habits. For some of us, depression has become our norm. It has been a part of us for so long. But it does not have to be that way. 

Try to incorporate just one new healthy element into your life every day. Whether it is telling yourself how amazing you are, trying out yoga for the first time, or just reading a book. Do something different that breaks you out of the pattern that has become your norm. A pattern that you know is unhealthy for you.  If you miss a day, it is okay. Try again the next day. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Until it becomes your new way of living. 

Also, do not underestimate the power of removing negative people from your life. You would be surprised how much your energy can shift with some house cleaning. 


Join a community!


It is generally not a good idea to seclude ourselves for long periods. There are online groups that can help you resurface. If you are into writing poetry, for instance, open mics or workshops may help you by allowing you to release the trauma, pain, or loneliness that has built up inside you is such a place. 

If you are into arts and crafts, join Pinterest and start your DIY projects

And let us remember the importance of nature. Sunlight has been shown to help relieve symptoms of depression. Walking barefoot on the earth is called grounding and helps to balance your emotions. 

Again, baby steps. I know it is hard to push yourself when you are in that place. But you are worth the effort. Do not forget that. 

It may feel hard to see the beauty in it all, but it is there.

Remember, depression, fear, and anxiety are simply energy and can be manipulated.  


We have the power to switch our thoughts!

We can change the words that stream in and out of our heads!



Let us be honest,

Life is hard.


The few suggestions I make may not be enough.

But seeds grow.

The seeds planted here can start you on your journey.

We are not broken.

We are just more sensitive than most.

We are not a lost cause.

We are just finding our way.

The chosen ones.

We light the path for others.

I hope you know that.

EGOPROOF was born from the struggle of mental health. We understand the challenges you face, and stand as proof that out of the darkness, rebirth is found. 

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How Do You Create a Positive Ego for Yourself?
March 24, 2023

How Do You Create a Positive Ego for Yourself?

How Do You Create a Positive Ego for Yourself? As an individual, expressing yourself in the 21st century is challenging. The modern world has so many people and creativity that it becomes a sensory overload. The emergence of social media and influencers makes it even harder and harder to know what we like. Mental health issues can also be significant to your overall health.


How Do You Stand Out from the Crowd?


The best way to stick out is to have an ego, specifically a positive one. The key to loving yourself is maintaining optimism and comfort in your most authentic form; how you express that is vital. You can change certain physical features such as a new hairstyle, hair color, painted nails, or anything else you can dream of. You can also accentuate how you look by switching up clothing and accessories based on your mood and what the day's adventure holds for you. But first…


We need to ask ourselves, is this our ego?


What is Ego?


It has many definitions, but your ego is your sense of personal identity or feelings of self-importance. It's crucial to self-esteem and the ability to fight off dangers to your mental state. For example, insecurity, worry, and self-loathing will arise with an unchecked, damaged ego. What about your character? How do you want to be perceived? 


To obtain your ego, create an outward image of who you are. To achieve this, there are steps to make this happen. 


How can I Improve My Self-Esteem?


How Do You Create a Positive Ego for Yourself? The first step in figuring out who you are is to focus on the positives. What do you bring that makes people smile? 


You will also need to get rid of the negatives. This sounds daunting, but it’s an easy start. 


First, never compare yourself to anyone. You’ll have to try as much as possible to surround yourself with positive people that will reinforce good behavior and call out bad ones. 


Next, negative habits can be infuriating. Eliminating this one by one can make life 100 times better—a challenging but doable task. 


Lastly, you need to be pleased with how you look. You need to express yourself as an individual but feel so confident that nothing in the world can stop you. 


How do I Dress for Success?


Pick the right traits to amplify. Your best features and looks should be on the display of your liking and choice, but should be noticeable. Always accentuate to match your ego. 


No acting allowed. There’s no place for fakeness if you’re trying to show the world who you indeed are and the power you hold. Don’t be afraid of coming off as cocky; many people are much worse, and a little confidence in you won’t cause that effect. 


Don’t censor yourself, either. You can’t be outspoken if you’re passionate about your beliefs. 


So let your clothing and appearance be your voice. When people see you on the street, they’ll give you acknowledgment. Let your outward image speak for how you feel, and let the world know. 


EGOPROOF can help you achieve this. Whether it be a hat, shirt, or just an overall vibe, the day you have ahead of you is a breeze when you’re complimenting your outfit with us. Check it out.


We hope to make you EGOPROOF. It’s a good day for a good day. Nothing can stop you now.



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