A Hug Means Everything

I'd wager that the vast majority of us are not mental health experts. We aren't trained in crisis intervention, we didn't get certified to talk people off bridges, and we wouldn't pose as a psychologist outside of playing one on TV. BUT, sometimes we end up in situations where we need to be there for people, and even when we don't know what the hell to say, it's important to understand how valuable simply being there can be. A hug, or hell, even a handshake or a high five, can mean the difference between someone's last day vs. just another a shit day.

We owe it to ourselves to put down our judgemental tendencies and let people experience their life how they experience it. Our input means nothing when we aren't the main character. So, the next time you find yourself around someone who could use a fucking hug, be that person. Hopefully, if you're ever in that same situation, there's someone like you out there to reciprocate. SHUT UP AND HUG PEOPLE WHO NEED IT.
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