A Story: Today Is One Day (Oakland, CA)

Today is one day. 1️⃣ And we on it in the background. 💪 I’ve been frustrated as hell at trying to figure out a 🎨 technique that’s in my head but hasn’t translated properly to reality. 😠 Sh drives me crazy. 🫠 Last night, after another failure, I was thinkin’ about a good friend who’s way more experienced and successful than I am. 🤗 Today, he called me from Germany to shoot the shhhh, and I asked him about it. 🇩🇪 In his thick German accent, he goes, “IM-POSS-I-BLE.” While I like to think nothing is impossible, I figure he’s right after endless googling and queries and experiments. 😧 Don’t ever be afraid to bounce ideas off other people. That’s what homies are there for, among everything else. 🤝 The good news is that I was forced to start thinking outside the box and figured out an alternative, even though in my mind, it won’t be as good as my original plan. 🤷 But, nobody else has to know that, amiright? 🤣 Pictured is a post-up for the famalam in Oakland, CA. ❤️

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