If you're ever in anger management, bring a hoodie!

If you're ever in anger management, bring a hoodie! The hoodie is one of the star garments of the streetwear style and the moment. Whether you want to wear a sporty, athleisure, street style, comfortable casual, etc., a hoodie is an ideal piece of clothing to add style to your outfit. In addition, it is a practical garment on cold autumn days, for example, and it is easy to style with other clothes. As you can see, a hoodie is ideal for almost any situation, even when you want a good piece of clothing to see you through a hard day. Therefore, if you're ever in anger management, bring a hoodie! And today, in the EGOPROOF blog, hoodies are our protagonists since we will talk about them. Are you ready? Let's see!


What is a hoodie?

To start talking about hoodies, it is also necessary to define them. A hoodie is a type of hooded sweatshirt. They are made of cotton or other lightweight material that can keep a person warm when it is cold outside. Sports teams, companies, and other organizations often create and sell sweatshirts with their logos, but lately, we can see them in high fashion settings and as protagonists of many sports and street styles. Hoodies are casual and comfortable garments you can wear while lounging at home or on the streets with a relaxed urban look. They are excellent in many situations where you want to wear a comfortable outfit. So remember, if you're ever in anger management, bring a hoodie! And you can find the best option at EGOPROOF by visiting its catalog by clicking here!


What is the difference between a jacket and a hoodie?

If you're ever in anger management, bring a hoodie. But why not a jacket? Are they not the same? No, they are not the same. Jackets are often made from heavier materials, such as wool or leather. Also, they are designed to keep the person warm when the weather is not so good. Also, a jacket has more pockets than a hoodie because it needs places to save things, like your phone or keys. However, both garments are similar in many features. For example, both fulfill their function of keeping warm when it's cold. But the main difference between jackets and hoodies is that jackets are made of thicker material than hoodies. That allows jackets to be warmer than sweatshirts and to weigh more. On the other hand, jackets are usually worn as more formal garments than hoodies. Anyway, hoodies are an excellent option for a more relaxed streetwear style. Need help figuring out where to buy it? Click here!


Why are hoodies better than jackets?

After knowing their differences and similarities, you may wonder which is better, hoodies or jackets. Undoubtedly, hoodies suit casual, carefree, and comfortable looks. In addition, they are a perfect option in almost any situation. However, when it comes to more formal looks, a jacket is the best choice since they don't have that perfect casual look for more relaxed looks. So, both are ideal options depending on the situation. Remember that if you're ever in anger management, bring a hoodie. Don't have a hoodie? No problem! If you click here, you will see all the options in hoodies offered by the EGOPROOF brand, which are perfect to accompany your everyday street style.


Why are hoodies so popular?

Hoodies owe their popularity to different reasons. In addition to being practical garments (it protects from the cold), they are also star garments for outfits ideal for day-to-day. On the other hand, they are also perfect for a training day or an airport look. However, as we mentioned earlier, hoodies are also making their way onto high fashion scenes. The reason? When the big brands understood that street style, sporty, etc., were the focus of a lot of attention, especially in a time of fast times, they began to integrate more garments of this style in some of their collections, so now you can also see oversized hoodies.


A hoodie is a garment that keeps you warm while giving you style. So if you're ever in anger management, bring a hoodie. It is an excellent fashionista companion when you want it. Remember that if you still do not have a hoodie, by clicking here, you will find some options from the EGOPROOF brand, such as the Love Skull Hoodie, Bounce Bounce Hoodie, and Home & Homies Hoodie. They are all perfect for perfecting your streetwear style. In addition, they perfectly combine black and red, colors that are indeed your favorites.


If you're ever in anger management, bring a hoodie. Why? A hoodie is perfect for a casual, sporty, or street outfit. For this reason, it will be your best friend in your day-to-day, working as a reliable garment in which you will feel comfortable and warm and sure that you are wearing a look that reflects your personality and style. Don't worry if you still need to get a hoodie because by clicking here, you can access the EGOPROOF catalog, where you can find different options in streetwear-style hoodies. Take advantage of the opportunity and shop now. See you in the next blog!

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