Be Free. Be True. Be You. (Louisville, KY)

Be Free. Be True. Be You. (Louisville, KY) by Egoproof

January 06, 2022

It’s snowing here today, which is unequivocally dumb unless you’re a kid or a snow sports type of person. ❄️ I’m neither unless you see how I act at midnight on a Friday night, or if “snow sports” is a euphemism for something else. 👀 Anyway, I’m in Louisville for a while due to my required physical therapy, and it’s nice to be here to see some friends old and new, whenever that’s possible anyway. ⚜️ Thanks, Omicron. 🦠 Now that it’s the start of a new year, here’s your reminder to always: Be Free. Be True. Be You. 💪 We spend so much of our lives trying to fit in, or be cool, or whatever. And we really shouldn’t. I always knew I was an awkward weirdo that often felt alone, even in big groups of people, and it took me many decades to just embrace who I am and let the chips fall where they may. 🚩 It’s still not easy, and I still question myself all the time, but we’re never done working on ourselves and we should always keep this in mind. 🧠 Here’s to a weird 2022 and the best one we can have. Thanks to our buddy @efficient_light for this drop. ❤️

Be Free. Be True. Be You. (Louisville, KY)

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