Be Thankful For Today

Be Thankful For Today by EGOPROOF

November 24, 2022

What are you thankful for today? 🙏 I celebrate Thanksgiving because it's a gathering of family and a reason to recognize what we're thankful for. 🍂 I don't celebrate it for all the obvious reasons it's problematic. That said, I very much am thankful for my family and for the doctors that saved my life. And for my friends, because they're my family, too. 🤗 I choose to be happy today, and to be grateful for all that I have instead of stressed about all that I don't. 🥰 I'm about to get absolutely ripped on all the goodies and some drink to go with it. 🦃 😵‍💫 🫃 😴 Happy Thanksgiving, for whatever it means to you. ♥️

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