Best dark comedies of all time

Best dark comedies of all time. A dark comedy is a film, play or series that uses comedy to explore serious of disturbing topics. The pieces often deal and explore subjects like death, violence or other taboo topics. But they do so in a way that is funny and thought-provoking.


Maybe we shouldn't laugh at these topics, but honestly they are very well displayed in order to be funny.


But hey, comedy is supposed to make us laugh. Whether through wholesome and happy humor or, in this case, dark humor, this kind of humor is often sarcastic. And we shouldn't laugh at this type of comedy, but we promise you it's funny. And comedy is a very diverse genre.

If you're starting or want to watch dark comedies, we can recommend a few of them—the best of the best. Keep reading and know what are the best dark comedies!


When did dark humor start?


Let's be honest. Dark humor is one of the most confusing things on this earth. Like, is it funny? Is it ok to laugh? Is it sarcastic? Is it true? Like we mentioned before, it's sarcasm. It's not real. Some people get very offended because they think it is.

In this type of humor, morbid and grotesque are combined to give comedy a disturbing effect and channel the absurdity of life itself. Some of the topics demonstrated in this comedy genre are very serious and taboo. Like, we should never talk about them because they're too sensitive. But listen, if you pay attention, sometimes this type of comedy tries to teach some people a valuable lesson through sarcasm and humor.

However, where did dark comedy come from?

The concept of dark comedy or humor was first introduced by author Breton in 1939. A long time ago, even though this genre looks pretty recent, this author didn't treat it as a separate genre of literature. He instead saw it as a stance or attitude towards certain things.

After World War II, dark comedy developed a more profound sense. It was used to understand the devastation and suffering caused by the war.

It evolved through the years to become what we know today.


Best dark comedy movies


Still, need to figure out what dark comedies to watch? Here are some.


Killer Joe (2011)


Killer Joe was one of the first attempts of Matthew McConaughey to break away from his ‘surfer dude’ typecasting.

He plays Joe Cooper, a contract killer. He gets hired by Chris (Emilie Hirsch) to kill his mother. All for her life insurance payout. Absurd… I think. Joe becomes a destructive and deadly presence in Chris’ life.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, it's 'violent, darkly comic and full of strong performances.' It has 80% on the Tomatometer. So it's quite a good movie. Despite that, it's also sadistic and sometimes hard to watch. But if you're a dark comedy fan, you'll enjoy it. Warning: it has no likable characters. But why not? You better watch it! It's available on Showtime.


In Bruges (2008)


In Burges is a dark comedy written and directed by Martin McDonagh. It follows two irish hitmen, Ray and Ken. They are sent to Burges, Belgium, with the mission to lie low after a job has gone terribly wrong.


But Ray, however, isn't very happy with the assignment, since he hates Burges, He believes it's a fairytale town. Ken, on the other hand, seems to be very happy about all of it. He finds Burges to be very charming. This film explores themes such as death, redemption, and the nature of good and evil. Deep shit.



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Parasite (2018)


One of the most acclaimed movies of the 21st century. It's about a poor family in Korea. One of them gets a job with a rich family as a teacher, and then she gets all the family (one by one) to work there as well. Only their bosses don't know they're all related.

It all gets messy when both families intertwine. It's available to stream on Hulu.


Birdman (2014)


Starring Michael Keaton as Riggan Thomson. That was a huge comeback for the actor. This time, he plays a faded actor famous many years ago for playing a superhero during the 80s and 90s. 

He takes part in a Broadway play trying to resurrect his career but is tormented by the inner voice of his superhero persona as he battles with those around him. It also represents today's society, as we're all practically obsessed with superhero movies. 


Best dark comedy series


Good Girls (2018)


This show follows three women: Beth, Annie, and Ruby. As time passes, they start getting annoyed about life, especially with how they are treated. They desperately need cash, so they become gangsters to get the money they need and more.

However, things are more complicated than they think. You can watch it on Netflix.


Russian Doll (2019)


This show is quite interesting. It follows a neurotic woman on a journey to be the guest of honor at a party in New York. However, the series gets a big twist when this woman attends the event and dies at night's end. Every single night. Frustrating.

It’s available for streaming on Netflix.


Santa Clarita Diet (2017)


Oh, I've watched this one. It's worth it, trust me. Starring Drew Barrymore, this show is about a pretty normal couple raising their teenage daughter. However, it all changes when Drew's character becomes a zombie. Yeah, a zombie.

Santa Clarita Diet is the perfect example of a great dark comedy you should watch. If you're getting into this genre, you can watch it on Netflix.


The End of the F***ing World (2017)


Great show. It follows two teenagers named James and Alyssa. They decide to start a road trip to find Alyssa's estranged father. On the other hand, James manages to convince himself he is a psychopath and decides to kill a new target.

Watch it on Netflix!


Why are dark comedies so popular?


Dark comedies are very popular for a variety or reasons. First of all, they can become a way to cope with very difficult situations or uncomfortable emotions. Turns out we actually gain a sense of control over our fears and anxieties by laughing at them. Interesting, right?


On the other hand, dark comedy is a way to challenge out assumptions about the world. It can really change out perspective. These films or shows can make us think about the world in different ways, by presenting us with a (very) twisted view of reality. Also, it can also be just very funny.

Which dark comedy would you watch?

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