The best revenge is not giving a fuck, but if you still do, here are some tips

The best revenge is not giving a fuck, but if you still do, here are some tips. If you have already visited our website and our collection, you know that EGOPROOF doesn't only focus on streetwear fashion, but we also consider people's mental health. Did you notice we have a collection called The best revenge? You can find hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories such as cell phone cases in it. The motto of this collection is "The best revenge is not giving a fuck", and with it, we want to remind you of the importance of letting go of some things or knowing how to choose your battles to take care of your mental health. That's why today, we remind you that the best revenge is not giving a fuck, but if you still do, here are some tips. With these tips, you can wisely overcome situations that arouse the desire for revenge, a human desire. Are you ready? Keep reading!


What is revenge?

Yes, the best revenge is not giving a fuck, but if you still do, here are some tips to help you deal with it. However, before learning about those tips, let's talk about revenge. An act of revenge is a reprimand inflicted on a person or group of people for an action considered harmful or evil. The subject who feels affected decides to take revenge and makes reparation for the damage. Revenge, thus, supposes compensation for the damage received. Despite how reprehensible it may be from a moral or ethical point of view, revenge causes pleasure for those who carry it out since the avenger is in feelings of hatred and resentment.


Revenge appears as an outlet. Anyway, it is not the healthiest outlet since, eventually, it could cause feelings of guilt or regret. That's why we thought that the best revenge is not giving a fuck. But we are also realists, so we know that thinking like this is easier than putting it into practice. However, nothing happens. That's why today we want to guide you on how to deal with it. Do you like the motto from our The Best Revenge collection? Don't hesitate to buy your streetwear hoodie here!


Why is revenge not the best?

Remember, the best revenge is not giving a fuck. Why? Because revenge is not the best thing, and several reasons explain it. Revenge doesn't stimulate positive emotions in those who want to carry it out. It stimulates negative emotions caused by the damage suffered, such as anger or resentment. Forgiveness can be therapeutic. However, practicing forgiveness is also hard work, but it is valuable because it protects you emotionally and physically.


The reason? Hate, anger, or resentment, feelings that fuel revenge, are considered risk factors for developing possible cardiovascular problems. If you want to remember every day that the best revenge is not giving a fuck, why not buy a garment or accessory from the EGOPROOF The Best Revenge collection? So you not only wear a streetwear style but also keep in mind not to get carried away by the desire for the revenge that can sometimes appear. Where can you buy your T-shirt from this collection? Here!


What is the biggest revenge?

The best revenge is not giving a fuck, but if you still do, here are some tips. Take note of these tips, and don't be a victim of revenge. Let's see!




Forgiveness is a relevant tool for not getting carried away by revenge. If you accept what happened and let go of the anger and resentment, you will achieve peace of mind. And don't worry. Forgiveness is not resignation or reconciliation. If you lean on a feeling of compassion and love, you can not only avoid revenge. You can also work for your personal growth.




Just like forgiveness, empathy is essential to healing your desire for revenge. Putting ourselves in the situation of others helps us understand what happened and the motivations and circumstances that led to it happening. Also, remember that empathy is not resigning or forgetting. Empathy is understanding what leads people to act the way they do. Therefore, empathy could be an act of justice that replaced revenge.




Revenge only wishes evil towards the person who hurt us. That desire to harm as an act of justice is the one that doesn't let you rest. We must find opposing alternatives to this way of acting that encourage acts of restoration of damage from kindness and love. For this, we must change our approach and be more aware.


The best revenge is not giving a fuck. Sometimes, however, that won't be easy, and it's only fair to validate your emotions, even if they mean revenge. It is important to avoid getting carried away by those desires and follow our advice to replace them with healthier alternatives. Take clothes and accessories from our The Best Revenge collection by clicking here!


Does revenge ever feel good?

Revenge can cause pleasure, that's right. In addition, revenge can reduce aggression and calm the mood. But it is a kind of pleasure and a temporary calm since, eventually, the feeling of pleasure can disappear and be replaced by guilt or regret. However, that is also debatable since not all people respond to these situations alike. Anyway, it's best to remember that the best revenge is not giving a fuck. But if you still do, there are ways to get out of it. Do you want to wear streetwear fashion? Buy EGOPROOF brand clothing and accessories here!


Don't be a victim of the desire for revenge, and remember that the best revenge is not giving a fuck. However, as we know, it can be a challenging task. But you can practice different alternatives that allow you not to concentrate on the desire for revenge. Do you want to wear garments from EGOPROOF's The Best Revenge collection? Click here! See you soon!

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