What are the best skateboarding style brands?

What are the best skateboarding style brands? Skateboarding is a unique style that values individuality, creativity, and freedom. Skaters are also known for their constant dedication to make skateboarding a sport. But they have won because it is now a sport and there are competitions. It requires a lot of practice, trust me. Not easy at all.

As I mentioned earlier, skating has a unique style. And not only on the boards but in clothes and shoes too. Some accessories as well. In that sense, skateboarding brands lead the market and have the most sales because they sell clothes, shoes, boards, and anything related to skateboarding. Even backpacks! 

 So here we are, and we'll tell you all about skateboarding and the best brands you should use. Keep reading!


What is skateboarding?


If you're here, you probably know what skateboarding is already. But trust me, some people don't get it. So we need to explain them.

It's a form of recreation and sport. It's mostly popular among young people. However, keep your age from stopping you if you wanna start skating. It's never too late, and you'll be completely in style. On the other hand, skateboarding is when a person rides standing on a balance on a small board mounted on wheels.

Contrary to what people might say, it is actually a sport. And it’s one of the most extreme sports so far. 

Skateboarding was born in the 50s (approximately) in California, US. It actually began with surfers. Yep, surfers. But it does make sense (kinda). They were trying to surf on land to practice it all year without needing good ocean waves. Since then, the evolution and number of passionate people about it has only increased.

The first skateboarding championship took place in California in 1963. And in 2002, American Sports Data published that between 1999 and 2000, skateboarding increased by about 60%. This means that many people started practicing it. It gained a lot of fame!

But the amount of amateurs in skating had yet to appear in 1963. Its popularity began from the very beginning. Today, there are still competitions and championships not just in California but worldwide. There are also different types of skateboarding competitions: Street League6, Tampa7 competition, or Battle at the Berrics.

There are more than 12 million people that practice skateboarding.

Best skateboarding brands


There are clearly top brands that define the style of skateboarding. We’re gonna tell you a few of them.


Almost Skateboards


Some brands include skateboards, clothes, and even shoes. But in the case of Almost Skateboards, there are just the best boards in the skateboarding world.

This brand has been leading the skateboard market since its beginning in 2003. Their boards offer quality and versatility. They have designs that adjust to everyone. The best one yet is Uber Light. It's probably the best board in the world. They also sell accessories for your board.


Powell Peralta


It’s one of the best skateboarding brands in California. It started manufacturing skateboards in 1967. Yup, a long time ago. It has iconic graphics for your skateboards. Buying in this store might be one of the best decisions ever.

But the store didn't actually open in 1957. It was in 1973 when Powell's son asked him for a skateboard. So he just gave him an old one that was in the garage. The little one complained to his father because the board wasn't functioning very well. 

So he began making his own skateboards using urethane wheels because they had better grip.

After much time and hard work, he started his brand in 1976, where he could fabricate skateboards with the best materials.




Element is the best brand if you want all the best in skateboarding culture: clothes, accessories, and boards. 

It also improves how their products are made so they don’t have a negative impact on nature. 

Their quality-price ratio is also a significant consideration if you want to buy your board and other skateboarding accessories with this brand. By this, we mean that Element offers incredible products at an amazing price. They offer shirts, jackets, hoodies, and backpacks. And obviously, astonishing boards.

They also sell skateboard decks, rails, complete skateboards, and wheels, so your board is always in good shape. 




If you thought you had to spend a whole load of money on a skateboard, you're wrong. Madness offers amazing boards in the United States at reasonable prices. Just what we're all looking for.

Some of their boards offer minimalist designs at approximately $75. And you get free wheels with the deck. And yes, they also sell incredible clothes to keep you looking great in the skateboarding style! There's a great variety of clothes and accessories, even beanies. Isn't that great? 


Skateboarding styles


Some people need clarification about the types of skateboarding styles. Because yes, there's more than one. And here at EGOPROOF, we're about to tell you all about some of them.




It comes from the original use of the skateboard, from the time surfers started using skateboarding. They used the same techniques on a flat, steady surface. There's not much to it; it's the original use of the skateboard.




Vert skateboarding involves transitioning from a horizontal surface to a vertical one, such as when you find a pipe, swimming pool, or bowl. It's a really fun but also risky one. Also, it's one of the most popular ones.




It takes place in an urban environment. Skateboarders use areas like stairs, benches, or handrails to practice and perform their best tricks. They use this kind of street furniture as their playground. It's fun if you want a space to do all your tricks with no one to bother you.




It doesn't involve either paved roads or flat grounds. Instead, skateboarders dare to do their thing on nature itself. Yes, sounds risky. It's not flat at all, and it could end badly. However, with this style of skateboarding, the skaters always make sure to find the safest and best spot to skateboard so you're less likely to be endangered.  

Would you try skateboarding? It sure sounds fun. See you on the next blog!

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