Who are the best urban artists?

Who are the best urban artists? There are a lot of forms to appreciate art and to make it. People use it to express their feelings, turning it into a masterpiece that can be relatable to others.

Urban art has come a long way to be even considered as art. It started with graffiti, and in the beginning, it was often viewed as a nuisance. But times have changed, and people's urban art is finally viewed as a form to express themselves through amazing pieces.

But who are the best urban artists? There's a big list of artists who have made history in urban art and have great paintings, without a doubt.

We will tell you about the different artists that have shaped urban art.


History of urban art


Where did urban art come from? As we mentioned, it all started with graffiti. It was usually seen on the side of cars, trains and walls. Urban art was originally made in New York through the 1920s and 1930s.


It started to have a real impact on society in the decade of 1970. Young people began making this form of art as a way to express their contempt towards the socio-political environment. 

But it soon began to be seen as an illegal activity, which made it hard for the artists to express themselves. However, thanks to art enthusiasts and professionals, urban art earned its place in the contemporary world.

Nowadays, street art has evolved from graffiti to other pieces like figures, faces, murals and phrases that may be controversial but important to our culture.

But there's a side to this story that only a few people know. It's important to mention that urban art is as old as the streets themselves. While it's true that it became popular during the 1920s, it was first made over 2000 years ago in the ancient cities of Egypt, Rome and Greece.

But it wasn't made with cans and ink at that time. Street art was carved into walls or marketplaces, and public houses.

Today, at that time, it was also made in times of socio-political disenchantment. Nowadays, those pieces remain and are important relics.


Best urban artists


There are some artists that have earned a good position among the best urban art professionals. We’re gonna mention the most recent ones here.


Xena Goldman


Xena is an artist and educator from Chicago. She is currently living in Minneapolis. She makes incredible murals that have great meaning in our society, particularly in the United States. Her art is both dramatic and emotional.

She made history in 2020 by creating a mural along with Cadex Herrera and Greta McClain. They made a mural-covered memorial where George Floyd was killed. It became a national symbol. It was even displayed at his funeral.

There were tributes to nurses, doctors and artists like Chadwick Boseman all around the world. They expressed messages of strength and hope.


Tardor Rosselló


This artist from Spain was one of the most relevant in 2021. He made an incredible mural in the city of Denia, at the Torrecremada park. 

This art piece became one of the most beautiful murals made by Roselló. It displays a young woman filled with leaves and vegetation that simulate her hair. He painted this iconic work during Children's and Adolescents' Day.  


Kaspar van Leek and Niels van Swaemen


These two artists made a big change in street art in 2022. They both specialize in photo-realistic murals and paintings. Their works also have a surrealistic touch sometimes.

This painting represents sustainability and recycling, things they stand for. This mural was made because the CVB ecologists wanted an art piece with the company's representation.


Ant Carver


There's no doubt that Ant Carver is one of the best urban artists from 2023. He can capture both the boldness and sense of rebellion that street art represents.

With beautiful, captivating and stylistic paintings of human beings, this London-based artist has become one of the most relevant graffiti influencers of this decade. He is truly an expert in showing how artistic urban art can be.


Alice Mizrachi


Alice is one of the top graffiti influencers of this year. She's an educator and specializes in urban mural art. She believes in the power of expression and empowerment through this type of painting.


Lady Eiko


Women have made a significant change in the urban art world. In this case, it is extremely important that we talk about Lady Eiko. She has a unique take on traditional Asian art. 

Lady Eiko was born in Tokyo and is a New York-based urban art professional. She is a prominent artist commissioned by great brands such as Pepsi, Apple and Louis Vuitton.

She usually makes flirty and feminine murals.


How has urban art influenced our world?


Big question. You may see them just as pieces of art with a sense of rebellion but without significant meaning. But the truth is, these murals and paintings always seek to send a meaningful message to society. 

Urban artists can use their voice as the voice of those who are voiceless. At the same time, the paintings have the power to transform communities and raise awareness about several topics. Mostly about mental health and police brutality, which became a very common topic in 2020.

Street art is also a way to make a city more vivid and vibrant. It can also represent the local identity. These paintings can represent many things, and they are all meaningful and positive. They shouldn't be seen as something negative.

There are also benefits to urban art. We've mentioned a few of them above, but tourism and economic development are also super important. People often travel from other cities to see murals and other street art, which can generate profits for local businesses.

How do you feel about urban art? There are many ways to express yourself through it. You should try it sometime! See you in the next blog!

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