BLESSSSSSS AND THANK THE GAWDS!!!! 🙏 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 Today, I am grateful AF for all the obvious reasons. I’m out of the hospital and back in freedom land, for which I will be forever thankful. 😊 A major thanks to all of you for the well wishes, happy thoughts, contributions to the GoFundMe, and plenty of downright fuckery over the past two months. 👀 I have some long and arduous months of rehab and whatnot ahead of me, but every day will be one of gratitude, even when I’m in pain or just down and out about all this bullshit. 😓 Endless thanks to Ang for always being there, too!!! 😘 If you have a buck or two to give, please consider throwing me one at my GoFundMe. 💰 Half a million dollars in medical bills is gonna be super fun, and I could really use your help. 😟 If not, just share it, or think good thoughts for me. 🥰 Again, thanks to all of you. It means the world to me. 🌍 ❤️

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