Build Friendships Not Walls

🛑 Hold up! No yelling! This post today is about those metaphorical walls we build around ourselves when we could be and should be building other things. Like friendships! It’s easy to fall into a habit of walling ourselves in due to past experiences, tragedies, mental health, and all kinds of other shit. We need to be awake and aware and cognizant of what we have done and are doing, and take extra special care and attention to not let our emotional energy shut us down. Instead of letting it buy bricks from the brick salesman and being an asshole by shutting us in, we’ve gotta fight back and open ourselves to people and the world in general. We’re not here to be alone, despite what my and maybe some of your brains sometimes try to yell at us. So, be nice and be kind and maybe make a new friend this weekend! You might even get a hug out of it, and we all know hugs are the bestest!

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