Can clothes affect your mood?

Can clothes affect your mood? Is it just me, or do you also yearn to have lived during the au natural era? A fig leaf here and there to cover up the essentials?


But then again, how boring would life be if we walked around naked? Can you imagine a life without the comforts of a good pair of worn-out sweats and your oversized hoodie keeping you sane during a breakup


Would you miss the feeling you get when you dress up for the night? 


Or what about that cozy sensation immediately following when you put on those soft fuzzy socks? 


Can clothes affect your mood?




A study from the Journal of Experimental Psychology stated that 96 percent of participants found their emotional state varies depending on the clothing they wear. Another study from California State University, Northridge, and Columbia University found that what we wear can affect our thoughts.


According to psychologists, how we present ourselves to others and dress can impact our general productivity and mental health.


Science has a label for this phenomenon, called “enclothed cognition,” which explains the power of clothes over our psychological processes. According to enclothed cognition, what we wear can affect our emotions, how we perceive ourselves, and how we interact with society. 


Imagine that! 


An invention created to protect us from the elements has become a guiding force in our lives.   


Let us take a closer look at how clothes affect our mood. 


Do clothes make you feel different?


Well, it made me feel different during my school years. The cool kids always wore the most up-to-date fashions, while I wore my sisters' hand-me-downs. There was an underlying knowledge that clothing was an identifier of status. 


We learn early on that the people around us form opinions about who we are and even where we come from based on what we wear. These outside perceptions affect our confidence and self-esteem. 


Okay, I got sidetracked there for a minute with my childhood mess! Let us get back to the question at hand


Do clothes make you feel different?


According to research, the clothes you wear can affect how well you perform. Wearing a lab coat may increase your focus and attention to detail instead of casual wear. 


A sexy black dress will likely boost your confidence, while the proper workout may increase your motivation. 


Also, experimental studies found that wearing new clothes heightens happiness in some people.


The psychology of clothing is complicated, covering many areas. For some, buying name-brand clothing helps build confidence. For others, wearing black is a form of rebellion and symbolism, creating a feeling of freedom and power. In each aspect, the user of the clothing feels validated. 


Our emotions tend to drive our choices in clothing because of the feeling it exerts within us. For instance, that feeling of sureness when you put on that specific blazer or that button-down shirt that always brings you good luck are examples of how we correlate our garments with our mindset. 


Does the color of your clothing affect your mood?


Colors are mood boosters, so it makes sense that the colors you wear on your body will also shift your frame of mind. 


According to Color Psychology, colors can affect your mood, alter your sleep patterns and even change your food tastes. 


Specific colors can even decrease your blood pressure, while others increase metabolism. 


What colors are calming to wear?


Green induces a sense of calmness. A cute light green beanie protecting your crown chakra may help keep you composed and balance the temperament of those around you. 


With many hues, green is a favorite at most fashion shows. 


This color falls under the label of “cool colors,” which include purple and blue.


And who doesn't love purple and blue? I have the cutest blue zipper jacket that I tend to wear when I am feeling good. Blue resembles the ocean, and water is a cooling element. So, yeah. I am there


Purple is usually identified with royalty. It gives off the aura of tranquility and quiet power. Purple has also been shown to reduce stress. 


Next, warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow bring forth the energy of warmth and reassurance. 


Red heightens awareness and can be used to stress an area of importance. Orange tends to correlate with humor, and yellow is frequently related to happiness. Studies have linked the power of yellow to the sun, which is regarded as the happiest color in the color wheel.  


If you are not afraid to show off your fashion sense, go ahead and include color in your wardrobe to activate feel-good vibes. 


Can clothes cause anxiety?


It actually can. Even the process of shopping for clothes can cause anxiety. Thank goodness for the creation of online retail for those who find brick-and-mortar shopping a total nightmare. 


The pressure at times to look your best can be overwhelming. Known as, “fashion anxiety”, some of us feel nervous when dressing up and going out. We may even experience anxiety symptoms such as elevated heart rate and sweating. Wearing tight clothes may exasperate these feelings as it restricts your airflow. 


Others fear being too bold with their fashion because the attention it grabs causes a feeling of over-exposure and insecurity. 


While clothes may play a role in this form of anxiousness, there may be underlying issues causing it. It is essential to feel comfortable in your skin and not allow the opinions of others to deter you from your fashion greatness. 


Ultimately, what matters most is your level of comfort and self-perception. 


So, I bet you did not realize how clothes impacted your overall well-being! Do you miss the days of nudity now? But where would we be without leg warmers and obnoxiously huge pink earmuffs?


Not only do clothes affect our moods, but our moods affect the clothes we choose. It is a symbiotic relationship that depends on mutual understanding. 


Remember this information next time you are looking for a piece that resonates with you and your individual energy. Also, look at our expressive clothing items to help further spread the message of self-awareness and growth. 

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