Cane Life Is In Effect! (San Francisco, CA)

Cane life! 🦯 I have very happily progressed from walker to cane, extra thanks in part to all the kind words y’all have dropped in the comments or my DMs or to smash down my stupid hospital bills. 🙏 I cannot begin to express my warm and heartfelt thank yous, as they are sky high and without end. 🥰 I’m about done with this place 😀 but I sadly have to say that the bills are not done with me. 😑 If you’ve got a fiver to spare or just wanna share the link with your peeps, I would greatly appreciate it. The $440,000+ is gonna be a mfer. 💰 You can hit my GoFundMe. ☺️ Blessssssss. ❤️

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