Do fashion and street art have consequences?

Do fashion and street art have consequences? Since urban art began to be present on the walls of urban areas, a debate began, and it is still present today: is it art or vandalism? Although it is still a current debate, the truth is that urban art continues to be art. However, it can be considered vandalism when artists put their works on facades that they shouldn't.


Even so, it continues to be an art that reflects social disagreements since the artists, having no place to exhibit their work due to lack of resources or space, also express their disagreement through their art. Likewise, when we relate fashion to urban art, we see in clothing an irreverent form of expression, so it is easy to question whether these expressions of art have consequences. Do fashion and street art have consequences? Stay at EGOPROOF and find out more about the subject. Are you ready? Let's get started!


What is street art, and why is it controversial?

Do fashion and street art have consequences? But before discussing the possible consequences of fashion and street art, let's discuss the controversy surrounding street art. To begin with, urban art is all the art made in the streets or regarding this style. Urban art, in addition to encompassing graffiti, also monopolizes other forms of street art expression. Since the 90s, street art is a term that we have begun to know and use, also called Post-Graffiti, a term used to encompass the artistic work in the streets of a group of artists who use different types of techniques (murals, graffiti, templates, stickers, et cetera.). It is an art that always arises in peripheral neighborhoods and in many cases, has a high political content. Its beginnings are possibly in Paris in the second half of the 60s. But why is it controversial? Urban art is one of the artistic manifestations involved in controversy and is often accused of vandalism.


This art has many detractors who consider that these murals that appear in the streets are an element lacking in any civility. However, although many do not believe it, urban art is the purest art. Because? Because apart from being a fundamentally contemporary manifestation, it is outside the circles of critics, gallery owners, and art buyers. That makes it the result of what the artist wants, openly and with no other purpose than to exist. Like art, street fashion is also the result of a person's dressing desires; that is, whoever wears street fashion is not influenced by trends.


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How does street art affect people?

Do fashion and street art have consequences? Possibly, one of the consequences of urban art is how it affects society. However, it is not necessarily a dire consequence, so it could be considered more of another result. Urban art establishes interpersonal ties between cultures. In addition, it also encourages dialogue and discussion on significant and cultural issues. Street art is a constantly changing art form, which is why it transforms urban spaces into accessible and culturally significant art for society, thus giving people a kind of identity. It is also important to mention that the urban artist's works are motivated by an artistic motivation, without caring about the public's reactions, whether gallery owners and collectors will buy it, or whether it will remain on the streets for decades or weeks. Their paint creates and gives us what they are, their lifestyle, and their art.


Another consequence of urban art that directly affects artists is that the moment urban art enters a gallery or institution, it loses its fundamental essence, which is to present itself to us freely and without having to be accountable to anyone. It is art for art's sake, with no purpose but to be part of our lives if we want it to be, belonging to all of us and talking about what we would all like to discuss and claim as a society.


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How does street style influence fashion?

Do fashion and street art have consequences? And if we talk about the consequences of urban art, we once again enter a field where it would be more accurate to call it a result and not a consequence. Why? Because in reality, street style offers a possibility of free expression through clothing, an expression that doesn't depend on trends or the standards established by society. In this way, urban style helps people feel confident about their choice of clothing. Instead of always imitating other people to look like them, when wearing streetwear, people can combine different types of outfits they want if it reflects their true identity.


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Does fashion affect society?

Do fashion and street art have consequences? When we ask ourselves that question, it is impossible not also to ask if fashion affects society. And indeed, fashion has several effects on society. The first of them is that fashion turns out to be the reflection of a historical moment in society. In other words, their role is also essential because fashion dresses people, but it also protects them from the weather and the risks of the environment


On the other hand, another significant effect is that when trends are created, many people follow them just because something is beautiful and thus lose their identity, revealing only society's influences and limiting their expression. For that reason, the existence of urban fashion is so significant. Urban fashion moves away from trends and seeks to be a form of expression for each individual. Do you want to wear urban fashion? Don't worry. If you click here, you can access the EGOPROOF catalog, where you'll find streetwear clothing and accessories with a unique focus: mental health. Take advantage of the opportunity and join the initiative!


Do fashion and street art have consequences? Although fashion and urban art have some consequences on societies, both are artistic expressions. They allow you to reflect on your identity and personality. EGOPROOF is the perfect urban fashion brand if you want to carry a message through your clothes: mental health is vital. Wear EGOPROOF garments and create social awareness while showing off an incredible urban style. See you soon!

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