Don't Be Afraid To Be You

Don't Be Afraid To Be You by EGOPROOF

November 21, 2022

I’m. 👏 Back. 👏 Baby. 👏 Somewhat, anyway. 🤓 It’s been a year since I was in the hospital. 🤕 And, while I’m still recovering, it’s about damn time I did my nails again. 💅 I look at it as a baby step, but an important one, to getting myself back in order and feeling how I want to feel. 💪 That said, don’t ever let anyone make you afraid to be you. ❤️


Edy said:

Had a great evening at Dimitri’s last night and meeting you and Angela made it that much more special!

Go in peace my friends and keep-on-keeping-on🪬☮️

Was truly a pleasure👍


Ryan said:

Thanks so much for stopping by – it was great to meet you! Maybe we’ll run into each other again some time. =)

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