How does EGOPROOF approach mental health topics?

How does EGOPROOF approach mental health topics? In times of stress and uncertainty, some strategies can be helpful to maintain well-being and promote internal strength. For example, recent studies have strongly supported strategies to prevent or mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety: promoting social connection and physical activity. Today, we live in fast times where people rarely stop to think about their mental health. Maybe because they don't think it's necessary, because sometimes it's expensive, or because they don't know how to do it. As we already said, there are alternatives to take care of our mental health. The streetwear brand EGOPROOF, for example, does so through its designs and collections. But how does EGOPROOF approach mental health topics? Today, in our blog, we tell you how we take advantage of mental health issues to bring them closer to you through our clothing and accessories. Are you ready? Let's see!


What is the history of EGOPROOF?

However, before telling you how EGOPROOF approaches mental health topics, let's talk a bit about the history behind the brand. EGOPROOF is the fruit of two designers: Ang and Ray. The brand was born out of their struggle with mental health. They both work in the fields of clothing, music, and art for decades. However, dealing with the struggle with everyone in the industry and their personal lives led them to think and create EGOPROOF. The two have been nomads since 2011.


Since then, they've used inspiration, daily conversations with the world, and experiences to create designs that speak to the world about mental health care. It is a brand that speaks to people and seeks to make them talk and express themselves about their mental health. The colors that stand out the most in the brand's designs are red, black, and white. Also, they go to great lengths to keep the lines of the designs clean and bold. That way, they are understandable. The designs could be somewhat complicated, but at the end of the day, high-quality products look simple so that the public can enjoy them for a long time. Do you want to buy EGOPROOF products? Click here!


Why does the streetwear fashion brand EGOPROOF focus on mental health?

How does EGOPROOF approach mental health topics? One of the ways it does this is by embodying positive thoughts on its garments, thus directing and focusing its designs on mental health care. EGOPROOF knows the importance of mental health in our lives. Having good mental health implies being free from various psychological disorders and having emotional, psychological, and social well-being. We must remember that our mind determines how we reason and feel, and act in response to life's challenges.


Mental health is a state of well-being in that you are comfortable with your mental and physical abilities. You are capable of working productively as well as making positive contributions to society. And you can also face the challenges and difficulties that the daily development of life imposes on you. For this reason, the importance of mental health lies in the fact that in its absence, the person cannot function in society. The lack of it can also compromise physical health, generating pathologies and diseases that can become chronic. Dressing well, and wearing clothes and accessories that we like, have a positive in our life and mental health. If you like streetwear fashion and want different designs where mental health is the protagonist, click here. Take advantage and buy the EGOPROOF designs!

How does the EGOPROOF brand focus its garments on mental health?

How does EGOPROOF approach mental health topics? The brand takes advantage of mental health themes in its garments. Most designs feature prints of positive phrases that will inspire your day. But how does it do it? Of course, we already know that it does it through clothing. If you review the brand's catalog by clicking here, you will find shirts, hoodies, fanny packs, and more whose designs are solely and exclusively related to mental health. In this way, it not only takes advantage of mental health topics but also offers a clothing brand that is different from the rest. It is a streetwear brand whose social message is also individual: take care of your mental health.


EGOPROOF knows the importance of having a healthy and focused mind. That is why it takes advantage of it to create innovative and excellent quality designs. Another way in which EGOPROOF takes advantage of mental health topics is through its sales. The brand donates a portion of its profits each season to a charity related to the brand's message. For example, Covenant House receives a portion of the proceeds from this season. So by buying EGOPROOF clothes and accessories here, you not only join the cause for the care and importance of mental health. You would also be helping a charitable foundation. Practicing altruism is also a way to feel good about yourself.


3 EGOPROOF brand garments that you can buy if you want to join mental health care

How does EGOPROOF approach mental health topicsThe primary way it does it is through its clothes. That is why we present three of them you can buy if you also want to carry the brand's message. Are you ready? Let's see!




Hoodies are one of the key and favorite items of streetwear. EGOPROOF knows that, and for that reason, it has several of them. For example, the hoodie from the EGOPROOF Staples collection, called the Love Skull Hoodie, is black, baggy, and perfect for you. You can buy it here. However, if you prefer another option, the Home & Homies collection hoodie has a print that says, "Home is where the homies are." It is black with red, oversized, and perfect for any look. In the same color, the hoodie from the "The Best Revenge" collection is also available, whose print says, "Not giving a fuck is the best revenge." Visit the EGOPROOF catalog here for more details.


  1. CAPS


Caps are also a must-have in street fashion. Thanks to that, we can find different caps in the EGOPROOF collections. In white with red. And black with red. However, one of the favorites is the caps from the "Sticky Notes" collection since they have different patterns of significant and positive messages. Buy here.




And finally, fanny packs can’t be missing as the perfect complement to a perfect urban look. The EGOPROOF "Homies Fanny Pack" fanny pack is white with black details and red prints. Do you want to buy it? Click here. That way, you can perfect your streetwear looks.


How does EGOPROOF approach mental health topics? The streetwear brand taps into mental health themes through clothing, accessories, and designs. We can enjoy meaningful and positive phrases in the prints of its collections. Thanks to this, when you buy a product from the EGOPROOF brand, you are not only purchasing a street fashion garment or accessory. You also buy a piece of clothing that helps you raise awareness about mental health. Remember that you can visit the brand's catalog by clicking here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected with our updates. See you in the next EGOPROOF blog!

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