Fashion collections: everything you need to know about them

Fashion collections: everything you need to know about them. In the fashion world, a wide variety of designs are launched every day that are part of different collections that can contain very different concepts from each other. Would you like to know more about fashion collections? So stay here at EGOPROOF because today we will learn more about fashion collections, what you need to achieve, the type of collections that exist in fashion, what kind of garments characterize them, etc. Keep reading for everything you need to know about fashion collections. Let's get started!


What are fashion collections?


Something essential to fully understanding what fashion collections are is first to know what they are. A fashion collection is a series of garments created by a designer. These garments have an internal coherence in terms of style and are intended for a specific season of the year. Traditionally, in fashion, there are two seasons: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. These are often abbreviated as S/S or SS for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, F/W, FW, or even AW (for Autumn/Winter).


However, most fashion brands create at least two to four collections today. If there are four, they are usually "Prespring," "Spring/Summer," "Pre-Fall," and "Autumn/Winter." Also, some clothing brands don't have "pre-spring" but "high summer." Luxury brands typically use the following four seasons: "Spring/Summer," "Autumn/Winter," "Resort/Cruise," and "Pre-fall." So there are not only many different seasons but also many names for each of them.


Types of fashion collections


You could only manage to create a fashion collection if you know the types of it that exist. If you wonder which streetwear belongs to, you should know it can belong to anyone because that will depend on the designer's classification or typology. Do you like street fashion? Shop products from the EGOPROOF collections here! So, we will tell you about the main types of fashion collections!




Haute couture collections refer to those luxury garments made to measure, which are made almost 100% by hand. That means that any machine is used to make them, and they are made up of exquisite details such as embroidery with precious stones and high-quality fabrics. This term must be used since some fashion brands appropriate it without knowing it is legally protected. It must be recognized by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and meet a series of demanding requirements to claim that your brand makes Haute Couture garments. Sometimes, these garments are considered art pieces and exhibited as such.




These types of collections are made up of timeless and fresh garments




Some luxury brands have a Prêt-à-porter line. These are a series of garments that retain quality and luxury details but are produced in series and with standardized sizes. That means they are available to a big audience, and seeing them on the streets is easier.




It is usually a small collection of about 20 garments, created as a marketing strategy to guarantee more sales since new designs are constantly being released, which can be easily combined.




It is the term best known by the masses since it refers to garments produced in such high volumes that it is impossible to care for their quality, design, or durability. For this reason, it is said that it is a "cheap" fashion since it doesn't have luxurious materials.

What is needed in a fashion collection?


A recurring question is what is needed to create one when we want to know more about fashion collections. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. Creating a fashion collection is an arduous process that involves numerous steps and must consider various factors such as the collection's central theme, the number of items in the collection, trends, target audience expectations, marketing approach, and more. However, through these processes, it is possible to create not only aesthetically pleasing but also profitable collections for the public. Do you want to create a streetwear fashion collection? It would help if you considered the factors that we have mentioned, in addition to knowing closely the style of urban clothing. If you like street fashion, you can buy products from the EGOPROOF collections! You need to click here.


How do you come up with a fashion collection concept?


One of the starting points to create fashion collections is to define the concept of each one of them. But how can you achieve it? A fashion concept is a collection of ideas that will influence the type of garments you will promote as an independent fashion designer or fashion house. To achieve this, you need to find inspiration. Design inspiration comes from the world around us. It could be a love for a style or form of clothing. Or you could be influenced by nostalgic themes from particular periods. The inspiration depends on the designers' taste and sometimes on their social context.


After determining how a particular design can influence your fashion decisions, you should collect images, colors, and themes as samples of style inspiration. You can get it from anywhere, magazines, the Internet, or even from your favorite designers. If you like streetwear, the streets, its people, and urban art are excellent sources of inspiration. On the other hand, your fashion collection concept should also show your unique selling point because this will set you apart from the competition. It could be anything like hand stitching, handmade prints, organic and sustainable materials, etc. Remember that you can buy street fashion from the EGOPROOF brand by clicking here!


How do I make my first fashion collection?


It's time to learn the keys to achieving your first fashion collection! Please take note of the following seven tips, as they will be helpful when starting to make your dream of creating a fashion collection come true. Let's see!




First, you must define the target and create a detailed consumer profile. You must take into account the sex and gender for which you plan to design, the classification and typology of the product (whether it is casual, sportswear or streetwear, etc.), the style (classic, androgynous, punk, hip hop, etc.) and the market (low cost, outlets, massive, moderate, luxury or exclusive).




Then, analyze fashion trends. For example, you should research and analyze fashion trends related to fabrics and materials, colors, accessories, processes (such as prints and embroidery), industrial washing, crafts, new technologies, etc. It becomes the matrix that will determine the characteristics of the fashion collection.




Once you have finished the first two steps, you must select the inspiration theme, develop the color chart, and create the mood board and the collection profile. You must specify the concept to give harmony and coherence to the designs. The concept you chose, as we said before, is free. You have to select a subject that you like and want to delve into to be profitable and stimulate the creative process.




Now, you must start with creating flat designs or technical drawings. They are the linear interpretation of a garment or product. At this stage of the product creation process, you must identify the main factors that will dictate the type of silhouette.




Next, you need to prepare the fashion collection blueprint. The table shows all the garments that you will produce. It will serve as support when monitoring each garment in the production phase.




Once the collection plan is ready, it is time to create the figurines. It is how you will visualize your complete fashion collection, so you must make the figurines, also known as fashion illustrations. Its main objective is to reflect the characteristics of the materials, such as weight, texture, volume, and movement.




Finally, you must complete the production technical sheets as detailed as possible. These sheets are where you point out all the details related to the product and the preparation of each piece of your fashion collection.


Fashion collections and the process behind them may seem exhausting because it takes a lot of work. But it is wonderful because it is a creative process where designers and fashion brands go all in to create profitable products. Here at EGOPROOF, our collections are committed to streetwear and a unique concept such as mental health. Shop EGOPROOF brand collections here! And remember to subscribe to our newsletter. See you in the next blog!

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