Evolution of Hip-Hop fashion

Evolution of Hip-Hop fashion. Hip-Hip is a culture that originated in the 1970s. Its fashion has evolved signifcantly over the years. However, there are some concepts and styles that have remained the same through the years, such as baggy clothing and sneakers. But the specific styles have changed significantly.


Today, Hip-Hop fashion is more diverse than ever before. It doesn't have a definitive style, and the lines have blurred between other styles. But this allows artists to have more freedom to express themselves through their clothing. That's why today, we will get to know the evolution of Hip-Hop Fashion.

Keep reading, and let's find out! 


Origins of Hip-Hop Fashion


Hip-Hop fashion is also known as Rap fashion, mostly in the old days. It actually originated from Urban Black America and inner-city youth in New York. 

Fun fact: big brands such as Adidas and Kangol were established during the late 1970s and immediately attached themselves to the emerging hip-hop fashion since it was mainstream at the time and a lot of people were wearing it.

Hip-hop fashion was also reflected in the streetwear of kids in the Bronx. They wore pieces like bomber jackets, tracksuits, and sneakers with oversized shoe laces. In terms of shoes, huge brands such as Chuck-Taylor dominated the scene.  Baggy jeans were also trendy then, mainly in the inner city. They were accessible clothes that anyone could wear into streetwear.

It all started as a small idea in a small community. And it quickly became one of the biggest fashion trends of all time, from regular people on the streets to big celebrities with pride. And more and more brands kept attaching themselves to hip-hop fashion as it was getting bigger.

Approximately 50 years later, hip-hop fashion remains relatively the same. Sneakers still dominate. On the other hand, in the 21st century, a new era of hip-hop fashion began. Some celebrities paved the way to the new era of this high fashion.


Celebrities that currently wear hip-hop fashion


In 2018, several celebrities marked a considerable comeback in hip-hop and rap fashion. The biggest artists in trap and rap, such as Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Drake, have again influenced the public to use this fashion in streetwear. But has it evolved?

There are two main urban tendencies: streetwear and athleisure. The fashion industry has naturally paired with rap style. Luxury brands like Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Lauren have used hip-hop fashion for their advertising campaigns. So it's only sometimes Adidas or Nike anymore! This style has definitely changed and grown.

As we mentioned above: Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj and also, Rihanna. The kings and queens of hip hop. They all have shown great interest in adding rap style to their looks. This makes them ambassadors and influencers in hip-hop fashion. People look at them and want to use the same fantastic style.

So the answer is yes. Hip-Hop fashion has actually evolved. It is very different from the beginning, from the 1970s to the 90s. 

In the 90s, one of the biggest celebrities to influence this type of fashion was Tupac Shakur, who was a frequent Versace customer. Gianni Versace invited the legendary Tupac to participate in the Milani fashion show in 1996.


Four artists that use hip-hop fashion


Besides celebrities like Drake and Rihanna, the ones we mentioned before, there are other important artists that love using hip-hop fashion. We'll tell you about a few of them.


Pharrell Williams


Pharrell is a very known artist worldwide, mostly because of his hit ‘Happy’ many years ago. He is the founder of the brands Billionaire Boy Club and Ice Cream. These have had worldwide success. He has also partnered with Adidas and Chanel for new iconic collections.


A$AP Rocky


This American rapper has signed many designs and collections with Dior, especially for seasons like Summer-Spring. He has his own style and online stores like Karmaloop.


Snoop Dog


Of course, we must mention Snoop and his constant evolution in hip-hop fashion. He's one of the most iconic artists in this industry.

It all started in the 90s when he appeared on an episode of Saturday Night Live wearing an oversized red, white and blue shirt with the word 'Tommy' coloured in it. His outfit became a status symbol, and of course, Tommy Hilfiger gained a lot of popularity.


Travis Scott


Idol from Generation Y. He's a great influencer and has worked with brands such as Helmut Lang, Saint Lauren and Alexander Wang. 

In fact, a Lyst investigation assured that hip-hop artists were the main artists that became influencers in the fashion industry. So, rappers are the ones who have shaped the latest fashion trends. Isn't that amazing?


Why is hip-hop fashion still popular?


Hip-hop fashion has stayed in style. But it's so old. Why is it still a thing? This style can transmit many things, and people actually look good. Also, those clothes are very comfortable.

But now, let's talk about some serious things that can explain why hip-hop fashion is still a thing and doesn't seem to go away.


Cultural significance


This type of style has become a cultural phenomenon. It's a very important part of hip-hop culture and history, mostly because of how it started.  Many people often associate hip-hop fashion with their own experiences and childhood.




There are so many clothes you can wear to make a hip-hop style. It has so many options. It only needs the same clothes always; you get to choose. It's great for many people since they can look trendy but also casual while being comfortable.




Hip-hop has been a form of self-expression for most people since its beginnings. This type of fashion allows people to dress how they like, using their creativity and expressing their feelings.

How do you feel about hip-hop fashion? Would you join this trend?

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