5 most famous female graffiti artists in the USA

5 most famous female graffiti artists in the USA. If you like street art, then you probably know something about graffiti. If you don't, don't worry. Today we're going to address the issue of this type of art, but from a very different perspective. 


Why? Well, you might know several famous street artists, but they're mostly male artists. Graffiti became popular after its incorportation into American street culture, but it was its origins in the Roman Empire. Countercultural movements of hip-hop and different urban tribes, on the other hand, also used this form of expression.


Many women understood that, and it is thanks to that that today it is a type of art that stands out for its female representatives. This is why today, on this EGOPROOF blog, we know that girl power is in the streets! Let's get to know these five most famous female graffiti artists in the USA. Are you ready? Let's get started!



Are there any female graffiti artists?

Yes. There are several female graffiti artists, more than you think. If it were not so, you would not have the opportunity to meet the most famous female graffiti artists in the USA today. The days when interventions on walls were more related to vandalism than to an art proposal are gone. To a large extent, the world's metropolitan regions have become adapted to embracing street expressions. For many cities, urban art is an essential part of their identity.


In the United States, as often happens, this art is experienced in a big way. Throughout the country, devotion to graffiti marks an unstoppable trend. The love for colorful alleyways, intervened signs, and walls that scream ART is shared from San Diego to New York. Many of those colorful walls with a story or a proposal behind them are the works of female artists.


If you want to know who they are, we invite you to keep reading. Also, if you want to wear urban fashion, you can do it with us. At EGOPROOF, we have a catalog that you can access by clicking here. That way, you will find the available products ready to bring them to life when you wear them!


Who is the first lady of graffiti?

We can only talk about the USA's most famous female graffiti artists if we mention The First Lady of Graffiti. Lady Pink (her real name is Sandra Fabara) was born in Ecuador, but since she was little, she has lived in the United States. She entered the graffiti and street art world when her first boyfriend, a graffiti artist, was arrested by the police.


His parents decided to send him to Puerto Rico to live with relatives. That broke her heart. Lady Pink started writing her name on the school walls, and then her boyfriend's graffiti friends took her in and showed her style. Thus, Lady Pink, or "The First Lady of Graffiti," began painting on the New York subway in 1979.


She started in the world of street art when she was 15 years old, being then one of the very few women in an illegal, dangerous, and almost entirely male underworld. However, and luckily, at the age of 50 or so, this petite woman who landed in New York as a child, without papers, with her sister and her mother, directly from the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle, earns a living with her art legally for several decades and declares herself above all "an entrepreneur."


She is a significant representative of urban women artists and an example of the possibility of earning a living through art. That is, doing what you are most passionate about. And you, are you passionate about art and street fashion? If so, click here and see the EGOPROOF catalog, where you will find urban fashion accessories focused on mental health care. Don't lose this chance!


Who is a female artist like Banksy?

One of the questions that arise when wanting to know the most famous female graffiti artists in the USA is if one of them resembles Banksy. And who is Bansky? He is one of the most popular current urban artists. Without a doubt, Banksy is a great street artist. There are many reasons to admire the anonymous king of art on the walls, from his social crusade to turn the internet into an art gallery to his success in transforming New York into an outdoor exhibition. He has fame. 


But he is not the only artist of this type. Some street art women artists are just as talented as he is, and they are the ones who make our motto come true today: girl power is in the streets! Thanks to the admirable urban artists who made possible the female presence in art that started being mostly for men. As we have already seen, The First Lady of Graffiti is an example. Do you like street fashion? Remember that art and urban fashion are closely related. Because of that, if you like these art forms, join the streetwear with EGOPROOF by clicking here!


Who are the top 5 female graffiti artists?

It's time to meet the USA's most famous female graffiti artists! Are you ready to expand your knowledge about street artists? If so, keep reading because today, you will get to know the feminine gaze of an art that began full of only male presence. Here we go!


Famous graffiti artists




We start with this list of the USA's most famous female graffiti artists with Lady Pink. As we told you recently, she was born in Ecuador but raised in New York. She started painting subway cars in 1979 and did her first solo exhibition at age 21. For years she was the only female graffiti artist on the scene and, for a time, a fierce feminist without realizing it. She represents women street artists and feminism in the streets of New York in style.




Clare Rojas is also a significant part of this list of the USA's most famous female graffiti artists. She is a street artist from San Francisco, who crafts subversive visual tales that defy gender roles with a balanced and calm style. In her latest work, she has experimented with the abstract.




We continue this list of the USA's most famous female graffiti artists with Lady Aiko. She was born in Tokyo but is a New York artist who mixes elements of pop art, abstract art, graffiti, and traditional Japanese art. Without a doubt, she represents the feminine energy of her work since she stands out, like the others, in a "masculine" art.




Alice Mizrahi is our fourth artist on this list of most famous female graffiti artists in the USA. She is a New York-based artist who creates emotional and powerful images of girls and women as "sacred archetypes." In addition, together with Toofly, she also founded Younite, a forum for women street and graffiti artists.




And finally, we have Maya Hayuk on this list of most famous female graffiti artists in the USA. She is an artist from Brooklyn known for incorporating the Ukrainian style into her psychedelic and geometric creations. Her murals are as intoxicating as they are comforting.


The most famous female graffiti artists in the USA not only show that female power is also in the streets but that urban art no longer distinguishes between genders. Thanks to them, today, urban art has a significant female representation. Remember that if you like art and urban mocha, you can wear an urban style wearing EGOPROOF pieces. Where can you buy it? Do it here! And remember to visit us to enjoy more content like this! See you in the next blog.

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