Fanny Packs are mad rad!

Fanny Packs are mad radFanny packs are handy! The reason? Due to the practical characteristics of these accessories, it's probably something else and not just a trend at the moment. The fanny packs are functional, in addition to being showy. Its increasingly widespread use is evidence of its value to any look. Therefore, we can safely say that fanny packs are mad rad. Today, at EGOPROOF, you can discover more about this accessory that should be included in your closet, especially if you like street fashion. Are you ready? Let's see!


What are fanny packs?

But how can we know that fanny packs are mad rad if we don't know what they are? Maybe you do know it, but maybe someone doesn't, and that's completely valid. But don't worry, we'll tell you. Fanny packs are small bags attached to the waist with a strap. Some models allow them to be worn across the shoulder or the chest, but they are rare. It is not entirely clear when they were invented, but it is evident that it was in the 80s when their use became massively popular.


However, some anthropologists say that their creation may derive from original indigenous bags made centuries ago and that were used by the aborigines to carry their belongings. Whatever their origin, those final two decades of the 20th century made fanny packs an object of daily use. And its rise is due to the popularity of urban artists who take street style to the next level. But not only that! They are popular because they are practical on a daily basis. Do you want a fanny pack with the best accessory to accompany your street style? Click here to access the EGOPROOF catalog. That way, you can find the ideal fanny pack!


Are fanny packs still cool?

Fanny packs are one of the oldest accessories in humanity. They arose to carry objects very close to the body, later becoming hidden bags inside clothing. Some centuries later, nowadays they are a fashionable item that goes on clothes. But not only that, but this trend has grown exponentially from one year to the next. That is why today we can say that fanny packs are mad rad, and thanks to that, they are so popular inside and outside of streetwear. However, when carrying a fanny pack, and any other accessory, it is best to enjoy some fun designs that fit your style. Fanny packs have evolved so much that they now exist for legs and ankles. Anyway, if streetwear is your thing, at EGOPROOF, you can get the Homies model. It is a white or black fanny pack with red designs. Do you dare to buy it? Do it here!


Are fanny packs cool for guys?

Many think that fanny packs are only for women, and there is no more erroneous belief than that. Fanny packs are unisex. That is also why we can say that fanny packs are a mad rad. In addition, men can also wear a fanny pack in a more formal context. If you are a man and want to combine a suit with a fanny pack, do it. It is one of the most original options to give a creative twist to your formal look. In addition, you can implement other elements to make it more sporty without losing that elegance. For example, integrating a sweatshirt under your blazer or wearing sneakers instead of shoes. If you want to keep formality, wear your suit as you would traditionally wear it and only integrate the fanny pack as a modern element. But be careful, don't wear it on your waist, better carry it on your shoulder or by hand. Buy the EGOPROOF fanny pack here!


How do you wear a modern fanny pack?

If you already have your fanny pack from the EGOPROOF brand, which you can buy by clicking here, but don't know how to wear it, then the following tips will be ideal. By doing so, your fanny pack will shout, "Fanny packs are mad rad!" Are you ready? Let's see!




You should avoid not using them for fear of looking bad. On the contrary, we invite you to give yourself an opportunity, and you can achieve incredible outfits that will make you feel and look much more confident. Once you can overcome it, you will see that everything will be easier. Buy your EGOPROOF fanny pack here!




Fanny packs are so diverse that you can find them in multiple styles. Indeed, your most recurring question is how to combine it if you are still trying to figure out what goes with what. That is why we remind you that in fashion, experimentation is essential to generating appropriate looks that are ready to be worn, no matter the occasion. Even with this, we recommend you combine your fanny packs with clothes that make you feel comfortable. Buy the EGOPROOF Homies fanny pack here!




Sizes and styles can be confusing in all the diversity in the fanny pack universe. However, not wearing the one that best suits you and your body is one of the most common mistakes. We don't want to tell you that you should never use a mini fanny pack because it is mini. But we encourage you to choose the right one for the location and situation.




Taking a fanny pack that is too sporty to the office could be something that is not so frowned upon, especially if it is casual Friday or if the dress code is more relaxed. But sometimes, the same situations require that the garments have a little more care. For example, at a formal party, a sports fanny pack may be a bit disruptive. In this case, choose a fanny pack made of leather or with applications and darker colours. If you like the streetwear style, then the EGOPROOF Homies fanny pack is the ideal option. Buy here!

Fanny packs are mad rad! And it is proven when we see that they are practical accessories that have evolved over the years to adapt to the consumers' tastes. Among streetwear accessories, fanny packs are one of the favorites of many. For that reason, if street style is your thing, the best thing you can do is buy the EGOPROOF Homies fanny pack here. See you in the next blog!

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