Fast Fashion vs. High-End Fashion: How We Can Make Fashion Sustainable

Fast Fashion vs High-End Fashion: How can we make Fashion Sustainable?

If you're a fashion lover, you're probably familiar with terms like Fast Fashion, High-End Fashion, and Sustainable Fashion. However, if you're not, don't worry. Today, in our EGOPROOF blog, we're gonna tell you about these fashion phenomena that affect our consumption and relationship with fashion. 


That way, you can also stay informed about what is worth buying and not buying when it comes to fashion. Are you ready? Let's get started!



What is fast fashion?


How can we make fashion sustainable? On our way to solving that doubt, let's define fast fashion. Fast fashion is a business model that focuses on quickly producing large quantities of clothing. It replicates runway trends and couture designs and delivers them at a low cost, often using low-quality materials like polyester. This business model encourages us to consume many more items than we need.


In this sense, fast fashion applies the planned obsolescence method to the extreme. Unfortunately, this is causing severe and rapid deterioration of our planet. For example, waste is a big problem in the fashion industry, especially fast fashion. Additionally, excessive waste occurs at all stages of a garment's life, from its production process to its disposal by consumers. That affects the environment quite a bit.


What is high-end fashion?


In this guide to discover how we can make fashion sustainable, we also tell you what high-end fashion is. Unlike fast fashion, where thousands of models of the same design are made using low-quality materials, high-end fashion collections with the trends of haute couture lines land more commercially. Its price is high, and although several garments of each size are manufactured, it is in manageable quantities. And it is not a fashion within everyone's reach. Anyway, do you like streetwear fashion? Shop here!


What is sustainable fashion?


And, of course, we could not don't talk about sustainable fashion if we want to know how to make fashion sustainable. Sustainable fashion is a new philosophy of textile design and production. It aims to create a new production model based on sustainability and social responsibility.


In addition, we must mention that sustainable fashion is based on the manufacture of clothing with the reduction of environmental impacts throughout the production chain as a priority. How do they achieve that? Making use of eco-friendly or less impactful materials. And reducing environmental pollution and the carbon footprint of the products. It is also sustainable fashion because it contributes to creating more socially fair trade, betting on better economic and working conditions for workers.


Is it possible for fashion to be sustainable?


How can we make fashion sustainable? Something that we must remember when we want to know if fashion can be sustainable is that fast fashion is ruled out within that possibility. Why? Fast fashion clothing can't be sustainable by its very nature, as the poor fabric quality makes it difficult to recycle.


Even if brands commit to recycling a certain percentage of used or unsold products, fast fashion cannot be sustainable. However, fashion that has nothing to do with fast fashion can be. Sustainable fashion refers to clothing and accessories that are produced or accessed in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.


However, we can still access sustainable fashion through brands of this type. We can shop more sustainably, but getting involved with sustainable fashion doesn't necessarily require buying anything new. Wearing what you have, buying secondhand, and trading or lending clothes among friends are other ways to participate in the sustainable fashion movement that don't require making or buying anything new. That way, fashion can also be sustainable. Remember that if you like street fashion, you can buy it here! And if, over time, you don't like a piece of clothing or it doesn't fit you, remember that you can give it to a friend. This is how you participate sustainably and allow your buddy to wear clothes from the EGOPROOF brand!


How can the world stop fast fashion?


An effective alternative to make fashion sustainable is to think about how the world can stop fast fashion. Since the dynamic of fast fashion is to buy more and wear less, one thing we can do to curb this trend is the exact opposite: buy less and wear more. So avoid buying clothes you don't need. Use the clothes as much as you can, and when you don't want them anymore, consider giving them to someone else who can use them for longer. An enduring type of fashion due to its comfort and style is streetwear. If you like streetwear, at EGOPROOF, you can get ideal options. Shop here!


What are some solutions to fast fashion?


Did you know that sustainable fashion depends not only on brands but also on the consumer? The consumer is also responsible for falling into the dynamics of excessive consumption, so the first action to reverse this trend is to learn about fast fashion's causes and effects. If you want to be part of the change, here are some solutions you can work on if you want to make fashion sustainable. Let's see!


  1. Reduce your consumption in general and ask yourself if you need what you are about to buy.
  2. Reuse your clothes and give them a second life.
  3. Recycle, use creativity, and turn an item into something new with a different and lasting use.
  4. Recover: If it can't be reused or recycled, we can responsibly dispose of the waste so that it can be recycled.

How can we make fashion sustainable? We must remember that it is not only the responsibility of brands to make fashion sustainable. Consumers can also make fashion sustainable through the practical solutions we tell you about here at EGOPROOF.


And remember that if you like our content, you can subscribe to our newsletter. In addition, you can buy brand products directly from the catalog by clicking here. Use EGOPROOF fashion consciously and sustainably!

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