Fucks Are Out Of Stock

Now available as a print! This is by far the most requested piece for prints, so here ya go. It’s part of my “Hope And Love In Times Of Darkness” show at Rotofugi and you can get it along with 19 other pieces at the below link.


I’m so, so thrilled and honored to have this show with my longtime family at Rotofugi in Chicago. It was supposed to be a real in-person exhibit, but the world has changed and so we must adapt. The show runs until June 7, so tell your family, friends, neighbors, favorite pets, and sworn enemies.

I’m very proud of the pieces in the show, and humbled that I was invited to do it. 5 of the 20 pieces are collaborations with Hope For The Day and will benefit their organization.

Hit my bio link to get one for yourself, or just to check out the exhibit. Thanks for stopping by! ❤️✊️

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