Fuuuuuuck (San Francisco, CA)

Since I’m obviously in no condition to post art right now 🤕 here’s a meme for you. 😂 I think networking and hobnobbing should be on there, too. Fuck, this shit is too real. 😒 Don’t ever accuse an artist of not being hardworking. 💪 Alas, I will laugh at this while I can. 🙃 I hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of gluttony and positive ridiculousness! 🦃 In case you wanna help a brother out, please consider contributing to the GoFundMe that my dearest friends set up for my fucked illness and possibly even more fucked up stack of $440,000+ in medical bills. 💰 Hit this link. Or, maybe just help me get the word out by sharing it with your friends. Anything and everything helps! 🙏 If you’re more curious, see my previous posts for all the videos. 🎥 Also, I know it’s rough out there, but please consider buying something from your favorite (local) artist for the holidays this year. 🎨 Thanks and blessssssss! 🤗 Love yous alls. ❤️
P.S. Credit to whomever made this. I have no idea as a friend sent it to me. ✅

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