Flow like street art: How do you get into street art?

When we are art lovers, we often feel the emotion of wanting to get involved in art beyond as a simple spectator. For this reason, many people devote themselves to art in different ways, either as a critic, historian, or an artist. Do you like urban art and want to get more involved in it? How do you get into street art? Today with us, you can flow like street art because we tell you how you get into street art. If you are ready, make yourself comfortable and keep reading this EGOPROOF blog if you want to join the street art. Let's get started!


What skills are needed to be a street artist?

How do you get into street art? The first thing that comes up when we want to know how to get involved in street art is what skills are needed to be an artist of this nature. It is funny because many believe that a certain amount of budget is needed to start with this art, and the truth is that, unlike other artistic practices, street art requires the least budget. Therefore, the main skills you must have if you want to be a street artist are passion and artistic ability. Those are the two most important aspects of a successful street artist or graffiti artist career.


However, as with any activity you decide to do, dedication and persistence are also important. Why? Because it can take time for many urban artists to see that their careers are headed in the right direction. Of course, we talk about urban art as a career if you want it that way because it is also valid if it is just a hobby that helps you free your personality and expression. After all, most street artists started that way, being self-taught on the street. Only a few choose to refine their artistic skills with an art degree. If you like street fashion as much as urban art, click here and access the EGOPROOF catalog to buy streetwear clothes and accessories!


How do people do street art?

How do you get into street art? In this quick guide on how to get more involved in street art, we also want to tell you how people or artists carry out this art. Once you count passion, artistic ability, persistence, and dedication, it's time to consider the supplements you need to make street art. Generally, sprays are used, and another series of instruments. However, it all depends on the technique you want to use. For example, in graffiti, you will need spray because it is painted in the traditional way in open spaces of big cities, clandestinely.


On the other hand, in the stencil, you need templates made with cardboard or some other material with a design. That way, you can reproduce an image. Choose your favorite technique, acquire the necessary supplements and take your art to the streets of your city. How will you dress when you do it? Surely, street fashion is your thing. If so, by clicking here, you can access the EGOPROOF catalog to buy streetwear clothes, and accessories!


Where do street artists work?

How do you get into street art? It is better to be clear about where the street artists work if you want to get more involved in this type of art. The answer may seem obvious, but the truth is that it goes beyond that. The reason? Thanks to the name, we can anticipate that the workplace of these artists is the streets. However, the truth is that many of them also work in studios, gallery shows, etc. Also, if the art reaches high levels, the possibilities of workplaces for these artists are endless since they may even work with haute fashion brands. However, street performers enjoy the freedom of working in public without worrying about what others will say. For that reason, the streets are their main stage. If you want to join the streetwear fashion, EGOPROOF makes it possible! Click here to access the catalog.

How do I get permission to do street art?

How do you get into street art? If you want to get more involved in street art, you don't want to risk legal trouble for leaving your art in the wrong place. Although the thinking has evolved a lot nowadays, some still consider this type of art illegal. However, if you want to avoid those kinds of problems, there are alternatives that you can turn to. For example, request permits from government agents or find legal walls where you can leave your printed art. Combine your street art with urban fashion by accessing the EGOPROOF catalog here!


Where is street art most popular?

How do you get into street art? Knowing the cities where street art is most popular can help you broaden your horizons by getting into this art. Although street art reaches every city in the world and each city has a few famous street artists, art is always like fashion: there are countries where it is more represented and relevant. In the case of urban art, in many cities in the United States, this artistic expression is highly valued. However, in New York, it gains more significant exposure. 


The streets of New York are edgy, creative, and colorful thanks to the cultural diversity that exists in its street art. Lovers of this art can see graffiti not only in the cities of Manhattan but also on subway cars and even in galleries and museums. New York will be the perfect setting if you want to take your urban art to the next level. But hey! Don't do it without wearing the best of streetwear. Here you can access the EGOPROOF catalog to buy street fashion garments and accessories perfect for your urban artist journey!


How do you get into street art? Although no specific rules are established, to be a street artist, you need to have artistic skills, attitude, perseverance, passion, and discipline. The rest comes later. And you, do you want to be a street artist? If so, remember that your image speaks a lot about you, so an urban fashion style and what you want to convey would fit you. EGOPROOF is the ideal option! Get to know their catalog here, and see you in the next blog!

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