Graffiti did that wall a favor!

Graffiti did that wall a favor! Whether in your city or a foreign one, you have come across pieces of urban art on the walls, whether graffiti or not. Have you ever wondered if that graffiti did that wall a favor? Today, on the EGOPROOF blog, you can find out if that graffiti did that wall a favor since you can learn about some of the positive aspects of this manifestation of urban art. Are you ready? Let's see!


Why do people do graffiti on walls?

So far, at EGOPROOF, we have talked a lot about graffiti. So far, we have also mentioned that graffiti has been considered a form of vandalism throughout history. The reason? They are on walls or private constructions that don't admit this artistic manifestation. Because yes, graffiti is a type of art belonging to street art, and it has been possible to see it that way for a long time.


Graffiti is a visual work usually done with paints or spray paint and uses the walls as a canvas. Now, think of any wall in your city with graffiti. Can you say that the graffiti did that wall a favor? Maybe yes, and maybe not. Why? Because if graffiti works as a form of sociocultural expression, art, denunciation, tributes, etc., we could admit it does. This street art was gaining strength, and, many times, the young artists who make them capture the social and cultural moments that their country is experiencing. Buy streetwear-style garments from the EGOPROOF brand just by clicking here!


But only some things are rosy with graffiti...

Those artists' emotions are the common denominator of some public spaces, universities, and the urban environment. In addition, these iconographic expressions have become the usual form of opposition, art, resistance, political, religious, and love, among other meanings. However, if we think about the graffiti done by gangs in cities, the graffiti is not doing that wall a favor.

The reason? Gang graffiti demonstrates the power or status of a gang. It serves to delimit the territory of a gang, as well as to disseminate their intentions. In this case, we are also talking about unsightly graffiti, little worked on and without any background beyond that of serving as a warning to outsiders. So, we can say that graffiti is not bad or an act of vandalism as long as one knows how to interpret its meaning. Buy streetwear fashion from the EGOPROOF brand here!


What is the meaning of graffiti wall?

Let's go back to that graffiti you have in mind. Have you already decided if that graffiti did that wall a favor? Regardless of your answer, let's talk about the meaning that graffiti can have if its intention is purely artistic. As we already know, graffiti artists put their art on the walls because they feel free. They see it as a form of free expression. Also because it works as a type of rebellion against the oppressive governments and because they collect the spaces where they leave their art: walls, streets, subway cars, etc.


For this reason, graffiti is an emerging means of communication. So, it is a fact that graffiti is an eloquent means of expression since its author, usually anonymously and fleetingly, expresses his ideas and feelings, creating moments of affectation in urban coexistence. Are you a graffiti artist and want to wear streetwear fashion? Here you will find the EGOPROOR catalog, which allows you to access garments and accessories of this style.


What are the positive things about graffiti?

When we think about the positive things of graffiti, we can safely say that graffiti did that wall a favor. Among the positive aspects we have already mentioned so far, it is necessary to highlight the freedom of expression that this means for urban artists and societies that feel identified with or are sensitive to some graffiti or murals in their city. Therefore, a positive point about graffiti is that it offers a freedom of communication and expression that people would not have been able to experience otherwise. Why? Because with graffiti and street art in general, artists are free to create whatever they want. In this way, graffiti artists can express an opinion or idea, such as a political point, to attract attention and generate an impact on the masses. If you are also an urban artist or not, you can access the EGOPROOF catalog to buy accessories and streetwear-style clothing by clicking here!


Why does graffiti make people happy?

If graffiti did that wall a favor, it is because it also can make people happy, not just to communicate something to them. But why can graffiti make a person happy? They bring color to many streets for several reasons, and colors are always synonymous with happiness. Thanks to that, graffiti or street art, in general, can be motivating and even inspiring for anyone. 


In addition, street art causes a discovery emotion because if you are a tourist on the street. You find street art full of color, characters, or hilarious situations, or if they are political or social situations, you feel the need to enjoy that piece of art on the wall, either for joy or reflection. Likewise, street art and graffiti are synonymous with creativity, which motivates us to be creative as well. Are you a street artist? Do you like to make people happy with your art? Awesome! But remember to accompany your work with a good streetwear style. If you click here, you will be able to discover the urban fashion garments and accessories of the EGOPROOF brand!


You go down a city street and find graffiti on a wall. If you want to know if that graffiti did that wall a favor, you must know how to interpret it. Graffiti is an art that will awaken emotions you will not forget. Therefore, graffiti also has many positive aspects that never go unnoticed. Remember that you can buy urban fashion from the EGOPROOF brand here! See you in the next blog.

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