Healthcare Shitshow Update (Louisville, KY)

🚨 HEALTHCARE SHITSHOW UPDATE! 🚨 (Watch the video here.) Also, a big Happy New Year to all of you! 🥂 It’s been a minute since I posted at all, not sure if that’s laziness or apathy or fatigue or recovery. 🧐 Probably a combination of all those things. After driving 2,000 miles from SF to Louisville 🚗 💨 we visited fam in Chicago for the holiday, and are now back in Lou, where I’ll start my physical therapy this coming week. Watch the video, but also…mad thanks to all of you for your undying support and words of encouragement. 🙏 It’s been rough as hell, but I’m determined and I know it’ll all get better. 💪 If you can, please consider donating to the GoFundMe. A buddy set this up to help with my $500,000+ in medical bills 💰 and every penny counts! If you’ve already donated or can’t or don’t want to - which I totally understand - please share it with your friends and family and enemies. 👀 As it’s now 2022, let’s all be appreciative of the good things we had or experienced over the past year, instead of focusing on the crapper. 💩 It’s difficult, don’t I know it. But it never helps to dwell on the negative! The struggle is real, but so is hope. 🤗 Have a wonderful New Year, and let’s keep at it! ❤️

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