The Fanny Pack: A brief story and how to wear it

History of the Fanny Pack. The fanny pack used to be seen as an unfashionable accesory. But it has made a huge comeback in the recent years, thanks in part to the Gen Z influencers who have been seen sporting them in the most stylish ways.


Plus, have we mentioned how much we love things that carry things here at EGOPROOF?


 So yes, we will dedicate an entire blog to the most loved and hated of all handbags, the fanny pack.


History of the Fanny Pack


People think the Fanny Pack came to be in the 1980s. They are known as the era of biker shorts, big hair, and the influx of bad fashion choices. Yet, the concept of a pouch-like bag worn around the waist has been around for a long time. Take, for example, the Native American buffalo pouch or the Scottish sporran. 


In fact, there is evidence that such pouches were used by ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans.


Despite being around for a while now, the modern fanny pack as we know it first became popular in the 1980s. It was seen as a convenient and stylish way to carry small essentials. However, the fanny pack's popularity significantly declined in the 90s, as it became to be seen as an unfashionable accessory.


Who invented the fanny pack?


The modern Fanny Pack, inspired by kangaroo pouches, was invented in 1962 by Australian Melba Stone. 


The fanny pack's comeback


As we've mentioned before, in recent years, the fanny pack has made a major comeback. This is a result of the Gen Zs wearing it more often. Also, the growing popularity of outdoor activities, and the rise of athleisure wear.


Gen Z's have been an important piece on bringing this accessory back to life. This generation has been seen wearing it in more stylish ways, such as over the shoulder or across the chest.


 This has changed the perception of the fanny pack, from being seen as a dorky accessory to being a cool and trendy piece of clothing.



What is in a name? Why is it called a fanny pack?


The Fanny Pack has gone by many identifiers. Over yonder, in Europe, they are called “bumbags,” “bauchtasche,” or “stomach bags.” 




The English language was gentler in labeling this purse alternative. In the United States, terms like waist bag, moon bag, and Fanny Pack are commonly used. Interestingly, the term hip pack emerged to make the name sound more manly.


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What does the Fanny in Fanny Pack mean?


In American English, Fanny is defined as the buttocks. Initially, the Fanny Pack was to be worn around your waist with the pouch facing the backside. Hence, Fanny Pack. 


By the way, fanny in British English is an offensive slang word meaning Vulva. I can see why they went with “stomach bags.”


In this sense, stomach bags make more sense. People realized that wearing the pouch on the backside screamed, “Hey, you! Come closer and pickpocket me, please!” So, people started to wear it at the front. Nevertheless, the name Fanny Pack remained. 


When did they become popular?


Did they wear fanny packs in the 80s? The Fanny Pack became a beloved item in the 80s, and in 1988, it was called, “the hottest product of the year” by Adweek Magazine. 


But Fanny Packs were not popular because they were fashionable. Fanny Packs served a purpose. They were small and easy to carry around. They could hold all your necessities like car keys, lip gloss, and gum. You know, the essentials.


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Does anyone wear fanny packs anymore?


Umm. Yes! Fanny Packs are so cool now that Anime favorite, Kintarō, can be seen sporting one.  


By the way, have you seen Louis Vuitton’s mink fanny pack? It’s worth over 600 dollars. 


Yeah, the Fanny Pack has been upgraded. It’s no longer viewed as the outdated and unfashionable accessory of the 80s.

And thanks to Gen Z influencers, the purse alternative has gained new clout. They have bedazzled the Fanny Pack through DIY projects, and even changed how it is worn. 


How to wear a fanny pack

There's a lot of ways to wear a fanny pack. If you have no inspiration at the moment, here are some popular ways to do it:


  • Waist bag: this is the traditional way to wear it. You have to put the pack around the waist, with the pouch facing forward.
  • Over the shoulder: a much more casual and cooler way to wear your fanny pack. 
  • Crossbody: a very stylish way to wear yours. The pack is work across the body, with the pouch facing diagonally.
  • Chest back: the most practical way to wear a fanny pack. It's worn across the chest, with the pouch facing upwards.


How would you use your fanny pack?


Why are people wearing fanny packs over their shoulders?


Because it looks cool, simple as that. It screams casual, relaxed, and in control. 


And it’s easier to get to the pouch. And, why not? The ability to switch things up must be the best part of finding your individual fashion sense. I wonder what the first person to wear it this way must have been thinking. I think I’ll give my waist a break and hook it up this way. And bam! They created a new fashion trend


Fanny Packs have made a comeback. They are versatile, convenient, and can be worn in many ways. They are great for outdoor activities, and they mainly come in handy when you are running errands. 


Now, if you love things that carry things as much as we do and are ready to succumb to the seductive powers of the Fanny Pack, then check out our stylish Black/Red and White/Red color combo packs. Be EGOPROOF. 

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