How can I be more honest?

How can I be more honest? Being an honest and faithful person seems like a difficult task these days. However, we are still fortunate to have some good, honest people who don't confuse honesty with cruelty. Honest people are the best as friends, partners, etc. Surrounding yourself with honest people is one of the best things to happen to you. Do you want to be one of them? Stay on the EGOPROOF blog to describe more about how to be an honest person. Let's get started!


How can I be honest without being negative?

How can  I be more honest? When we try to be more honest, one of the difficulties is that we start to need clarification on honesty with negativity. It is a mistake that many make, especially those who are used to seeing everything from a negative perspective. Without being negative, it is relevant that in any situation, we hope for the best while preparing for the worst. What does that mean? A positive and faith-filled attitude will allow you to get closer to what you want most. However, since there is always the possibility that something will not go as expected, it is relevant to find out in advance what we can learn from such an experience. It means we are honest because we accept a possible reality, but we don't take for granted that it can only be so. That is, we are not negative.

Is it better to be honest or kind?

How can I be more honest? In addition to negativity, people believe that being honest means being cruel. You can be honest and simultaneously kind to the other person to whom you express your thoughts. How can you achieve it? Here we tell you how!




If you are going to express your point of view on a topic that is sensitive for that person, talk when you are alone with that person. That way, you prevent that person from feeling more uncomfortable, pressured, or ashamed of the account.




If "your truth" can lead to misunderstandings or you sense that it can affect that person a lot, review what you will say in your head. Sounds good? Is it appropriate? That will help you don't cause an uncomfortable situation for the other person and yourself.




Avoid judging, exaggerating, or blaming this person, and never insult them. Describe the problem or your view of things as calmly and objectively as possible.




Consider staying silent if "your truth" doesn't fix the problem and cause harm. But if you have something valuable to contribute, go ahead! It is better to give solutions than to add more problems.




Admit that your point of view doesn't have to coincide with that person's. Your truth is just an opinion, and you can also dismiss your advice.

How can I live more honestly?

How can I be more honest? Many times, honest people tend to be happier and face problems in an upright and courageous way. It is so for a simple reason: honest people are those with a firm consistency between what they think and do. Curious as it may seem, this type of psychological principle takes work to put into practice. Honesty requires adequate personal development to be authentic and sincere with ourselves and others. If you want to live more honestly, consider the following three characteristics that honest people have and try to put them into practice.




Honesty means having the courage always to defend the truth. Moreover, the honesty one tries to maintain for oneself also requires it in others. It is important to remember not to be excessively harsh. Each person is different, and it is essential to cultivate good interpersonal and social communication to gain access to this area of understanding.




It is common to see people who boast of endless virtues. However, on many occasions, they are unable to accept their defects. It is not the case for honest people since they are profiles that have made a suitable inner journey to be aware of their limitations.




Honesty is synonymous with transparency because every thought, word, and act harmonize with one's personality. Being honest is maintaining the same behavior.


How can one be honest?

How can I be more honest? Honesty and authenticity can be necessary when maintaining social relationships of any kind, whether as a couple, family, friendly, or even at work. It is necessary to be assertive often to enjoy the benefits of honesty and authenticity with oneself and others. It is also necessary to express our opinion objectively without harming loved ones or other people around us. How can you be more honest without causing harm to anyone? Here we tell you how.


  1. Don't tell small lies to family and friends, such as insincere compliments or excuses to justify certain behaviors.
  2. Think of creative ways to relate to others, since to be authentic and honest, you need to be assertive and express your opinion while respecting that of others.
  3. Authentic, honest, and genuine facts will help you evaluate your satisfaction positively.
  4. Reflect if your next five significant actions match your words and vice versa. The key to honesty is congruence between words, thoughts, and deeds.
  5. Think and act fairly when faced with the next challenge and consider the range of possibilities, regardless of its impact on your position or popularity.


How can I be more honest? Being honest is not always easy, as we often confuse honesty with cruelty or negativity. However, there are ways to cultivate honesty to improve our relationships with others. Don't forget to visit the EGOPROOF catalog here if you like streetwear fashion focused on and concerned about the care of your mental health. See you in the next EGOPROOF blog!

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