When fashion and art meet: How is art related to street fashion?

When fashion and art meet: How is art related to street fashion? Fashion and art are usually themes that go hand in hand. There will always be a discussion if fashion could be classified as art. Of course, it would be an art that is used when dressing. And the truth is that the fashion industry has found (throughout its history) an eternal inspiration in the world of arts. Today, in the Egoproof blog, we talk about when fashion and art meet: how art relates to street fashion? Stay with us if you want to know more about the connection between art and urban fashion. Are you ready? Here we go!


How are Art and Fashion Related?

To start talking about when fashion and art meet: how is art related to street fashion? We don't believe that there is a duo that complements each other better than art and fashion. Why? Because they connect and interact permanently, both work from the visual, combine emotions and create stories to inspire us. It is only possible to consider one with the other. And if there was ever a dividing line between fashion and art, it became increasingly diffuse in recent years.

An example is all the street fashion brands that exist now. And a direct example is the Supreme fashion brand, the firm that has led the culture of the streets to another level. It has worked with renowned urban artists. In addition, urban fashion takes inspiration from the streets, that is, from street art such as graffiti. That is why it is common to see urban fashion collections that combine the colors and designs we find in the streets as urban art.

Is streetwear an art?

How is art related to street fashion? When discussing the relationship between art and streetwear, we inevitably ask ourselves if street fashion is an art. First, it is significant to define urban fashion as a type of clothing you can use on a day-to-day basis. That is why it prioritizes comfort and resistance to daily use. These garments are usually classic cuts and flat colors or with simple prints, which allows them to be easily combined. And to customize them, people usually play with textures, accessories, and color combinations.

On the other hand, art plays a fundamental role within culture if we understand it as a set of traditions, customs, and ways of doing things or seeing the world and identifying a group of people. Art is a way to express or generate ideas, emotions, and experiences, so it is so important. For that reason, urban fashion is an expression of a society that relates to art because urban fashion is art in itself: both want to generate ideas and transmit something. For example, the products in Egoproof are urban fashion and focus on transmitting a positive message to the community.


How does art affect street life?


How is art related to street fashion? Maybe we can see its relationship more evident in how art affects urban life. While urban fashion may not be considered art because it has a more functional and practical purpose, it can be linked, collaborate and help to be another channel to express emotions, ideas, or a way of seeing the world. Art lovers need that art to be more accessible and close to everyday life. Fashion is a perfect channel for that to happen because it is something super close that we use every day.

Art affects street life not only as an inspiration but also as a means of expression. In addition, for some time, it has been understood that fashion is not something superficial but a reflection of culture and society. So that fashion and art complement each other and look like the natural path of things. Because it is a form of expression and communication, it is also a way of demonstrating what is happening in people's daily lives. People who carry a street style take a lot of inspiration from art, especially urban art. Thanks to that, we can see designs of street-style garments that take inspiration from graffiti and other urban artistic manifestations.


What is the main purpose of street art?

How is art related to street fashion? If we consider the purpose of urban art, we can also find a strong relationship between art and urban fashion. The purpose of urban art is to surprise spectators with a revolutionary and critical message about certain aspects of society and politics today. Unlike other currents within art and painting, the artist of this movement creates their work on their initiative in any space. They do it without asking permission and, of course, without any previous commission.

Urban art is a free artistic expression that began as vindictive and that, today, has come to occupy rooms and spaces in some of the most important museums and monuments in the world. Like urban art, urban fashion is also born from the search for an expression that goes beyond standards and is politically accepted. That is, fashion as urban art is an expression's reflex that goes against the socially established. Remember that if you want to start taking a street style where garments transmit a message and have a positive impact, Egoproof is the ideal option. Check our catalog and have the best of urban fashion.

When fashion and art meet: How is art related to street fashion? Both urban art and street fashion are forms of artistic expression where people can express themselves by leaving social conventions behind. In addition, urban fashion takes a lot of inspiration from urban art. Because of that, we can enjoy urban-style garments with designs, colors, and prints that we would see in graffiti, for example. If you want to carry an urban style, the moment is now. Egoproof offers the best garments that fit this style. In addition, we have designs that will positively impact your life. See you soon!

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