How to find your style

How to find your style. Everyone has a different and very unique style. It's a matter of creativity. So when you choose your outfit and accessories, you're free to choose anything you want. You don't even have to choose something that's trendy just cause everyone else is using it. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable with!

However, it takes a long time to find your personal style sometimes. It can be challenging. When we're teenagers, we have a different style than we have as adults because we change constantly.

If you're having trouble choosing what to wear when you're getting dressed or don't know what suits you best, don't worry. We'll help you find your style.


Why is it important?


You may not see something like 'personal style' as an important or relevant thing. But let us tell you, it is.

Your personal style reflects your personality and how you're feeling at the time. It's the way you dress, accesorize, and carry yourself. You give out a whole vibe when you get to certain places. And it's all because of the way you dress and, of course, your attitude.

As we mentioned above, finding your personal style can take some time. It's hard for some people. But it's not impossible. And it's completely worth it. That's why we'll give you some tips.


Reflect on your personal preferences


Do you know how to do this? You have to think about what you truly like. Which colors do you like to use on your outfits? Vibrant colors or all black? It depends on how you feel more comfortable. Another example is, what textures do you enjoy?

You can also take some time to think and look at the clothes you already own. Do you truly like them? What do you like about them? What are their colors? And most importantly, what silhouettes make you feel most comfortable?

Once you understand your preferences better, you can start choosing some clothes. You're getting closer to finding your personal style.


Use your personal history as an inspiration


Your personal history can also be a great source of inspiration. For example, what clothes did you like when you were growing up?

This can be very helpful when finding your personal style. You can also think about what your role models wore when you were a kid or even now. This way, you can find inspiration for the style that best suits you. 

And remember, ignore other people's opinions. No matter your body type, feel free to wear whatever the fuck you want. 

On the other hand, your personal history can help you identify the elements of your personal style that you may have not noticed before. These elements make you feel confident and comfortable when you dress up.


Experiment with different styles


When you have a better understanding of your personal preferences and your history, you can now start trying new different styles.

But don't be afraid to try new things. You might be surprised at what you like and what fits you best. Besides, there's a lot of styles. You don't have to pick just one. Now, the first thing you have to do is go shopping wherever you like.

As we said before, try new things. Don't be afraid of it. You can even look for inspiration online. Consider Pinterest. Also, ask your friends and family for their honest opinion on how the clothes look on you.


Try creating a fashion mood board


We dress differently all the time in all cases. What we wear has a lot to do with our mood. One day, we might want a colorful outfit; the other day, we might have one color or a black look.

A fashion mood board is a great way if you want to visualize your personal style. You can collect images of outfits, accessories, shoes, or any piece of clothing that inspires you. Is there anything you're looking forward to using sooner than later?


Be patient


Finding your personal style takes time to happen. It takes some time and creativity. You need to explore, find what you want to wear, and make you feel confident from head to toe.

Let your creativity go way up to the sky. Don't be afraid. You'll know when it's time and when you have found the perfect style for you. And it doesn't have to be just one style; it can be two or three, depending on your feelings.




We'll give you some additional tips to find your style quickly.


Spend a day looking at clothes - but don’t buy anything yet


Yeah, a day shopping can be incredibly fun and satisfying. But if you have yet to learn your style, you might regret buying that shirt or pants.

Sometimes, you'll find something that you don't actually love.


Step outside of your comfort zone


We know you are used to a certain type of clothing. But hear us out: change is good. You could find something different that you'll actually like and feel good in. You need to try other things.

It's not about to buy a whole different wardrobe but just trying new stuff. A new dress, a new shirt, or a new pair of pants. It could even be new shoes that you've never worn before. Small changes will help you find your personal style.


Pay attention to the way you feel


The way you feel in a certain type of clothing is the most important thing when finding your personal style. Don’t feel confident? Don’t use it. Don’t buy it. You could feel comfortable later, but don’t buy anything you don’t feel confident or comfortable in.


Don't be afraid to break the rules


While it is true that there are certain “rules” when getting dressed, don’t be afraid to break them. Just wear what you like and what you feel looks great on you.

Finding your personal style is definitely a great way to boost your confidence. Also, you'll feel completely free to express yourself. You should try it!

Do you want to find your personal style but need help figuring out where to start? EGOPROOF can help you with amazing clothes. See you on the next blog!

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