For urban chic lovers! How to style the urban chic style in 2023?

For urban chic lovers! How to style the urban chic style in 2023? New day, new blog at EGOPROOF! Today, we want to talk about one of the urban styles that is the favorite among many, especially with the latest trends in streetwear fashion. We want to talk about this versatile style of urban fashion that adapts to any occasion and can be used in all urban settings. This style is the best option! From a meeting with friends to a day at work or even during a casual outing. Do you know what style we are talking about? That's right, urban chic style! If you want to know its characteristics and how to take advantage of it in 2023, stay with us and keep reading. We will tell you how to style the urban chic style in 2023. Let's begin!


What is urban chic style?

How to style the urban chic style in 2023? How to wear urban chic in 2023? We can't do that without knowing more about urban chic style. As we said before, this is a very versatile style. Therefore, it is one of the best options for urban fashion. Simply put, the term Urban Chic refers to the sophisticated urban style. You will find this style on the streets of major metropolitan cities. However, it is not exclusive to these places. Why? Because the style is international and reaches all regions of the world for its simple elegance. If you want a discreet and active look, the chic and sophisticated urban style should be a notable choice in your closet!


In addition to Scandinavian minimalism and Parisian simplicity, urban chic style is also influenced by New York. Thanks to that, it is a style of clean lines and cuts, solid neutral colors, with a monochromatic wink. It also highlights the use of oversize garments in jackets and sunglasses. But besides that, the street chic also includes boots, heels, and leather pants that enhance any outfit without any problem!

What are the characteristics of the urban chic style?

How to style the urban chic style in 2023? You need to know the characteristics of this style to benefit from it. First of all, you must remember that the most important in this style are simplicity, utility, comfort, and staying up to date with the latest trends. Do you want to achieve a chic urban style? Take note of the following tips!


  1. Simplicity: Use two or three colors and highlight only one of them in your outfits.
  2. Utility: Make sure your outfit is appropriate for any situation, from a work meeting to a trip to the grocery store.
  3. Comfort: It is significant to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and focused. After all, that’s what streetwear is all about.
  4. Don't miss the trends: outfits inspired by other eras are reinterpretations of less contemporary styles. Stay up to date with each year's fashion colors and trends in street fashion outfits. Last week, we dedicated a blog to the latest urban fashion trends. You can read it here.


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4 Tips to master the urban chic style

We have some tips for you if you want to style the urban chic style in 2023! Don't forget them. That way, you can wear the urban chic style like a true expert!


  1. Combine two or three colors, but highlight only one.
  2. Dress in layers by wearing vests, jackets, or overcoats if you are very daring.
  3. Complement your outfit with boots, hats, and other accessories. You can also wear oversized sunglasses.
  4. Feel confident in yourself and recognize your beauty and abilities to look like an expert wearing the urban chic style. After all, it's all about attitude!


Are you a woman? Style your urban-chic style with these tips!

How to style the urban chic style in 2023? Here, we reveal the secrets to enjoy urban chic style if you're a woman! Add these pieces to your closet and show your passion for urban clothing and urban chic. Let's see!


  1. Pants


Nowadays, wide-leg, skinny, and baggy jeans are most popular. Combine it with other clothes to achieve perfect urban chic style outfits.


  1. T-shirts and blouses


Any color or style can be combined with good pants if you want to feel comfortable and attractive. However, you can choose luxurious-looking fabrics such as satin. This fabric is ideal to wear under a jacket. In addition, its feminine design makes it the perfect shirt. It is breathable for summer and can be combined with a sweater in the colder months.


  1. Accessories


Depending on the weather, you can combine pants and a T-shirt or shirt with a jacket, hat, jewelry, and stylish sunglasses. Don't forget that in a chic urban style, sunglasses are a must!


  1. Footwear


Choose casual shoes or boots with high heels. In urban style, New York-inspired ankle boots stand out. If you usually wear warmer tones, choose dark brown boots. But black boots are the best style choice if you have a cooler-toned closet.

Are you a man? Wear the urban chic style, too!

The urban chic style is not exclusive to women! If you are a man and want to style the urban chic style in 2023, we will tell you what tricks you need to know to achieve it!


  1. Casual pants


Jeans or any type of earth-tone fabric can give you a relaxed and elegant look. They are a perfect option to wear the urban chic style.


  1. Shirt or T-shirt


Regardless of the color, any shirt can be combined with good pants. However, stick to clean cuts and oversized garments for a perfect balance.


  1. Hoodies


Wear these hoodies, sweaters, or blazers over your shirt to add more “figure” to your upper body. Although, of course, everything will depend on the weather and the occasion. Shop EGOPROOF hoodies here!


  1. Footwear


You can pair your urban chic outfit with casual shoes or boots for a casual look. However, you can add loafers if yours is a more sophisticated style.

How to style the urban chic style in 2023? Finally, we reveal the secrets you need to know if you love this style and want to wear it in 2023. It's only a few months until we say goodbye to the old year, but there's still time to show it off! Don't forget that you can access the EGOPROOF catalog here. Also, you can receive notifications about our updates by subscribing to our newsletter. See you in the next blog!

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