I'm Happy You're Here

No BS. Even if I'm not in a capacity to be able to enjoy you while you're here, you being here is better than you not being here. I know there's a lot of sappy posts on the internet, and there's a lot of scary things happening in the world, but I would have missed an opportunity to remind you that I'm happy you're here had you not been here. So stay here. Not necessarily here here, but here. The umbrella of "here" means somewhere, anywhere, but not here. That make sense? Even if you're not feeling it, nap if you have to, but stick around. There has to be something better around the corner. There has to be. And if there isn't, I hope the whole planet evaporates in the blink of an eye so I can finally take a nap. ❤️⁠
#egoproof #imhappyyourehere #thanksforbeinghere #beyourself

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