Is street fashion a cultural expression?

Is street fashion a cultural expression? All about the origin of urban culture and adaptation to fashion!

We know that urban style is born from the streets and the societies that inhabit them. We also know that street fashion takes much inspiration from urban art, and thanks to that, urban fashion could also be considered an expression of art. However, if you have wondered if urban fashion is related to culture, you are in the right place to find the answer. Is street fashion a cultural expression? All about the origin of urban culture and adaptation to fashion! Stay at EGOPROOF and keep reading if you want to know more about street fashion and its relationship with culture. Here we go!


Is street fashion a culture?

Is street fashion a cultural expression? Originating in the 80s, urban fashion changes as society changes, so it is a cultural expression of the changes in a population. In addition, this type of fashion is associated with the self-expression of personality. It is a fashion that, in addition, is designed for comfort during the day-to-day. The urban style we can find in an online clothing store is clothing items that differ from the catwalk trends-a youthful style that mixes colors, textures, and brands, combining many accessories


A perfect example is the urban clothing brand EGOPROOF. In our catalog, you can find several garments and accessories that can bring you closer to urban fashion. However, through these products, you can join the mental health awareness initiative. We are an urban fashion brand with significant social and cultural expression.


When we talk about urban fashion as a cultural expression, we must also remember that urban fashion is characterized by being the complete opposite of high fashion while at the same time forming part of the identity of those who generated it. Street fashion is a reflection of the underground movement of a city; that is, it is a trend that is the result of the community and the historical moment in which it was born. For many years, fashion has been considered something imposed and created by haute couture designers. Urban fashion, on the other hand, is born in the streets, in the neighborhoods, in the people, and in people's daily clothing. Designers then imitate or modify those trends to bring them to market. However, that does not mean that urban fashion continues to be an artistic and cultural expression that is born from the streets and is for the streets.


What culture is behind streetwear?

Is street fashion a cultural expression? Being a cultural expression, of course, there is a culture behind streetwear. But what is it about? Streetwear is considered a combination of fashion and urban culture. Thanks to that, it is not just a trend. It is also a movement that represents people who assume their identity and express it through an authentic style that stands out. So the culture of this fashion is the street but also the need for individual expression. 


Urban fashion is relaxed and comfortable, so it has become a lifestyle. Also, because it originated in the United States, streetwear is a mix of various cultures, including hip-hop music, R&B, skate, surf, and graffiti. Streetwear is a different type of art and fashion whose purpose is to express creativity and show who you are through what you wear and how you wear it. EGOPROOF is an excellent emerging urban fashion brand since we not only offer different designs but also seek to cause a positive impact in your day-to-day life through our prints aimed at mental health care. Do you want to buy EGOPROOF brand garments? Click here!


Is fashion a form of expression?

Is street fashion a cultural expression? Street fashion is a style that is part of many other styles that can be considered fashion. When discussing urban fashion as a cultural expression, we inevitably have to talk about fashion as a form of expression, which it undoubtedly is. Why? According to some thinkers, fashion is the tendency to imitate fashion to feel included in a group. Like any other form of expression, fashion is a language used to let others know our personality or the way we want the world to see us. It is not just a matter of putting clothes on to cover yourself.


We imitate what we want, when, and how we want. We activate the mechanism to merge trends and styles. We are inspired and creative, and we make our own unique style. We are our style. Fashion gives us many options, such as identifying with a group or expressing our individuality, making us feel unique depending on our chosen clothes. Style is everything a man uses to express himself, and one of the perfect styles for those who express an irreverent personality is street style. It is an ideal style for those who do not identify with haute couture. Do you want to join the street style? With EGOPROOF, you can achieve it. If you click here, you can access the brand's catalog and find different garments and products that are perfect for joining streetwear and an initiative where mental health is the starting and ending point.


Is fashion an example of culture?

Is street fashion a cultural expression? As street fashion is a cultural expression, fashion is an example of culture. Why? Because fashion is a cultural phenomenon containing a system of meanings that reflect a society's experiences, values, and beliefs. Despite how ephemeral a fashion may seem, social expressions determine the succession of fashions. Also, remember that social identity is usually manifested through clothing, like the typical garments of each society. The garments turn out to be the colorful language that invites them to be read as a community symbol. Sometimes this sign is made by imitation of the elders and other times by attraction to what comes from other societies. Or simply because they take a prominent moment or social event. For example, when taking care of our mental health is necessary, EGOPROOF designs its streetwear clothing and accessories focused on that. If you want to wear urban clothing focusing on mental health, click here!


What is the origin of urban fashion, and how did it adapt to fashion?

Is street fashion a cultural expression? Yes, urban fashion is a cultural expression from its origins. Urban fashion emerged unexpectedly. In principle, it was to provide comfort to skaters. Little by little, it evolved, and today it has even risen to the fashion catwalks. This urban style was born in the seventies in the United States so that people could wear a type of clothing that was more comfortable than aesthetic. Skaters were the first to fall under the influence of urban fashion. These skateboard lovers needed comfortable clothes to go on it. That is a suitable outfit for sports. When this new fashion was born, athletes wore garments from two brands created in the 1990s, especially for them, although other companies began to sell urban clothing.


However, all these brands focused on creating clothing for a single type of client: skaters. Over the years, urban fashion evolved, not only being used by skaters but also by the "Hypebest", a term that refers to those people who understand a lot about fashion and style in general. For this reason, many companies had to take a turn to adapt to society's new demands; in this way, street fashion also reached the haute couture catwalks. Do you want to wear urban clothing with a unique approach? Then EGOPROOF is for you! Although we are still an emerging brand, our focus is people's mental health, so when you wear our clothes and products, you will have a perfect urban style, but you will also join the initiative of mental health care.


Is street fashion a cultural expression? If we look at the origins of street fashion, we can determine that it is indeed a fashion that is also a cultural expression of society. Do you like street fashion? Remember that you can join this style with EGOPROOF! You only need to review our catalog, and you will find products and accessories that fit streetwear, adding positive value to your life. See you in the next EGOPROOF blog!

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