It's OK Not To Be OK

It is. It really is! Especially in this time of uncertainty and total B.S. It’s OK not to be OK. Some of us are struggling, some of us are not. Some of us are dealing with ongoing mental health issues, some of us are dealing with new mental health issues. And all of that is OK. Don’t feel bad for feeling weird or out of place or stressed or depressed or anxious or angry or deflated or defeated. Shit happens. And this? Well, this is a whole lotta shit! I urge you to be accepting of all these not-OK feelings that are coming your way these days. They are feelings. Just feelings. If you can’t get through things by yourself, that’s also OK and totally understandable. Call a friend. Text a family member. Skype your therapist. Talk to your significant other. Get out a pen and pad and write some shit down. Comment here! I’m not a professional (!!!), but I’m always down to listen. Do what you need to do – whatever that may be – to get yourself through this. Just…hang in there. Really. You got this. This is a collaboration with our friends and family at @hopefortheday. Reach out to them if you need to. And, if you really need it, you can reach the national suicide prevention lifeline in the U.S. at 800-273-8255. Have a great weekend, or do the very best you can! I’ll be around. 💪 😘

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