Know everything about street fashion for men

Recently, we had the opportunity to learn all about women's street fashion. On this occasion, you can learn everything about street fashion for men. As we know, urban clothing serves not only to wear a different style from the rest but also to break with all trends and handle daily work. Whether working or just walking, this style is perfect for everyday activities. For this reason, it mixes different criteria where the most current is used as a unique stamp. In this way, in street fashion, we can combine colors, textures, and gradients to adapt them to any season. Creativity is essential when it comes to streetwear. However, if you need a style guide to wear street fashion for men, you are in the right place. Today on the EGOPROOF blog, we talk about how you can take advantage of street fashion for men. Are you ready? Let us get started!


What is men’s streetwear style?

Street fashion for men has gained popularity in recent years because it stands out for putting comfort first. Also, it stands out for fusing all the new city trends of the fashion industry to create looks with which we can attend any casual outing. However, everything consists of knowing how to identify what your essence is and working to combine them as you want because even if it is a casual style, it does not mean that there are no rules. For example, creativity plays a role in street fashion for men, so you must put your creativity into practice if you want to get the most out of your streetwear looks.


If you want to wear urban fashion garments and accessories, you are in the right place. Not only because today we are talking about street fashion for men but also because you can access the EGOPROOF catalog by clicking here. That way, you will find urban-style clothing and accessories focused on mental health care. By wearing an EGOPROOF garment, you are not only wearing quality streetwear. You are also supporting mental health awareness!


What makes an outfit streetwear?

If you want to wear street fashion for men, you should know what makes an outfit streetwear. And no, it is not necessarily a specific garment. What makes an outfit streetwear is the unusual attitude that the look denotes and the stylish casual look that stands out wherever you go. Street-style outfits take different forms depending on the area. And the urban concept can be different depending on the country. In general, the younger generations in urban areas (who are not required to have a professional dress code) are the creative force behind the evolution and changes in urban style.


If you want to wear street fashion for men, it is a good idea to follow the style of young people from big cities to understand what trends they share. Most of the world associates urban clothing with developed music specific to big cities (for example, hip-hop). So if you prefer a more classic urban style, outfits with that essence will be ideal. For a more avant-garde look, you can combine the classics with the modern ones. So you can buy urban fashion garments and accessories from the EGOPROOF brand here. That way, you will wear urban fashion with a modern approach: mental health. Join this initiative by clicking here, so you can review the catalog with all the available garments!


How to learn men's fashion styles?

If you want to wear and learn more about street fashion for men, you need to know at least five of the urban fashion styles. You can wear them depending on your personality. Let us see!




In street fashion for men, the skate style is comfortable urban clothing. Skateboarding stands out for needing comfortable and stylish clothes. It is how we see professional skaters wearing jeans, caps, and wide polo shirts. Likewise, it is a style that has grown gradually over the years. In addition, it stands out as the favorite of young people born in the late 90s and early 2000s. If you want to wear this style, consider adding clothes such as jeans or shorts and sweatshirts to your closet, with prints depending on the season. Wristbands are a fundamental part of the accessories. You will also need chunky, round-toed shoes. If you need to know where to buy urban-style clothing and accessories, EGOPROOF is your ideal option. Click here!




Streetwear is a trend in street fashion for men. United States streetwear is derived from a desire to look different from what is seen on the streets. It is a mixture of graffiti, rock punk, skate, and hip-hop. He sought to create fashion without fanfare, where comfort was the priority. This trend has much presence in work areas and elegant events. It would help if you had classic shirts and sweatshirts, basic jeans, and neutral-colored shoes to add to streetwear. 




The casual style is part of the street fashion for men that stands out among modern trends. When we talk about casual style, we also talk about urban clothing and what it represents as an objective. People who wear this style tend to choose garments characterized by being comfortable and inconspicuous. If you want to wear street fashion for men wearing a casual style, you should use neutral colors as a primary factor. Also, you need to bet on accessories such as caps, hats, and scarves. You should always wear sneakers. And most importantly, you must be yourself and convey that in your clothes. The perfect casual outfit is simple jeans, a basic shirt, and an oversized jacket. Where can you buy urban fashion shirts and accessories? In EGOPROOF! Click here to see the catalog.




In street fashion for men, the chic urban style is one of the newest. Why? Because this style stands out for being a mixture of styles that seek modernity and urbanism. It is ideal for more serious and formal moments, so it has become one of the biggest trends in recent years. Remember that these types of outfits stand out for their versatility. They allow you to be ready for a casual meeting, work appointment, or party. You must have basic shirts and polo shirts if you want a chic urban style. Baggy jeans are ideal in this style. Sports shoes will break and give you a relaxed look, but with much class. Do not forget that you can accompany this urban style with a watch or glasses. Click here to access the EGOPROOF catalog and buy urban-style clothing and accessories!




Among the urban clothing to consider, the rocker style is a priority, especially if you want to wear street fashion for men. The rocker style is born for those lovers of the 80s and 90s. For this reason, they can now apply these details to modern urban clothing for men. In this style, the flag garment is the leather jacket. Remember that the rocker or rock style should detonate rebellion, so a polo shirt or jacket with a pattern may be appropriate. We recommend you wear dark clothes since they are the predominant ones in this outfit. Add to your closet well-ripped or dark-colored jeans. Buy EGOPROOF brand urban fashion by clicking here!


How to wear streetwear for men?

Dressing street fashion for men is not as complicated as it seems. Nevertheless, combining garments and styles must be done logically since they must be coordinated. Just because streetwear is comfortable does not mean it will be frumpy. The best recommendation is that you find the style with which you most identify, add to your closet the necessary clothes to achieve it, be creative, and reflect your personality through your clothes. Need help finding where to buy street fashion? EGOPROOF is the solution! If you click here, you can access their catalog, where you will find urban-style clothing and accessories.


Street fashion for men has different styles. You can take advantage of your street style by choosing the one that best suits you and your personality. Also, you must be creative and combine the clothes wisely to achieve a comfortable but stylish urban look. Additionallyif you still need urban-style, EGOPROOF puts streetwear garments and accessories at your fingertips. Do not lose this chance! See you in the next EGOPROOF blog.

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