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Hello you! Welcome to another blog about street fashion. Previously we have talked about how streetwear is a style that works for both men and women. In street style, there is no gender distinction in the garments. Thanks to that, what a man could use could be used by a woman and vice versa, but of course, always based on the tastes of each person and what they feel comfortable with. And while streetwear is known for being comfortable, that doesn't mean it's dowdy. Wearing this style requires a whole technique. For that reason, today, you will be able to learn everything about street fashion for women! If you are a girl and want to join this style, your opportunity to do so is today. Are you ready to learn more about street fashion for women? Then keep reading!


Is street style also for women?

Of course! As a genderless fashion, street style can be worn by both men and women. For this reason, when discussing streetwear, we do not discuss an exclusive style for men. In addition, street fashion for women covers endless combinations ideal for lovers of this style and comfortable but very chic clothing. You can get street fashion clothes for women at EGOPROOF! Each of the hoodies and shirts is also available for women's streetwear. Shop here!


Is street fashion for women timeless?

The 'street style', as its name indicates, is the style created and developed in the streets, the one people mark. The sidewalks of fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan, or New York are a perfect source of inspiration for those who want to get ahead of the rhythms of the world of street fashion. The 'street style' looks of recent years, and what we have seen on the catwalks, form the trends we will use in the coming seasons. Yes, in the plural, since street fashion is usually timeless, so what you wear today can also work tomorrow.


In street fashion for women, there is a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and footwear. However, as in everything, the looks have some foundations that stay the same over the years: they are the basics. And in the hairstyle, oversize garments, hoodies, baggy pants, and tennis shoes are the must-have. But of course, depending on the style of each person and the touch they want to give to their looks, some things can be added or removed. You can add EGOPROOF garments to wear a women's street style. Shop here!


How to wear street fashion for women?

Street fashion for women is versatile, very chic, and creative. Also, it emphasizes comfort without sacrificing style. If you are a woman and want to wear street style, you are in the right place. EGOPROOF, in addition to offering you hoodies and shirts that adapt to streetwear, in this blog, we also recommend some clothes and looks that you can try to wear if you want to join this style. Are you ready? Let's see!




Biker yet chic style is an opportunity to join the street fashion for women. Leather-effect garments in the purest rocker style play a leading role in streetwear. The more rock and daring side can be combined with much more classic styles, clothes that contrast but, surprisingly, fit together, and so on. The leather jacket can be combined with a romantic shirt and sneakers, flirty and comfortable shoes that we can use to give our looks a chic touch.




Add plaid print to your closet if you want to wear women's streetwear. The reason? Because for years, the tartan print has been very present in street fashion, in designs as varied as pleated skirts, coats, or shirts. We began to see it frequently, especially in jackets, on the catwalks, and in the streets. Trendsetters have already included it in their wardrobes, turning the Scottish pattern into a wild card capable of adding an elegant touch to any look. You can wear plaid trousers with a white EGOPROOF shirt to create balance and a fresh, chic, and very urban look.




This trend is not unrelated at all. A perfect opportunity to wear street fashion for women is transparency. For several years, 'it girls' have included transparent fabrics in their looks. They play at showing pieces of skin with increasing risk. From tulle dresses to semi-transparent tops or shirts, transparencies accompany urban fashion garments and styles.




The queens of 'street style' in the big fashion capitals have started a trend that will give a lot to talk about this year: showing underwear. On many occasions, in addition, it is men's underwear. Whether as shorts or tucked under some very low-rise pants, we'll see more underwear in women's streetwear these days than ever before. Remember that you can combine some pants, reveal your underwear and add an EGOPROOF hoodie or shirt to achieve a relaxed but perfect street style. Shop here!




Two looks constantly appear in street-style images from the fashion capitals. One is the 'total look' jeans, with 'denim' garments from head to toe. The other is the 'total look' of leather. These combinations invite us to experiment with fabrics and do what so many have told us we shouldn't: combine two of the same fabrics in the same look. In street fashion for women, total looks are a hit. Wear jeans and a jacket with an EGOPROOF shirt if you want a denim look. Shop here!


Street fashion for women is perfect for those who prefer a comfortable and casual look but also have much style. If you are creative and consider yourself as someone who doesn't conform to social standards, street style may be for you. At EGOPROOF, you can find garments to achieve your street fashion looks for women. See you in the next blog!

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