Get to know urban art in New York with us!

Get to know urban art in New York with us! In some of our many blogs, we have mentioned that New York is one of the great cities that serve as a stage for street art. But do you know why it is so? Because the works of New York Street Art make up an actual sample of the talent of local and international, prestigious, established, or emerging artists. In New York, the walls of buildings have served as canvases for original murals and colorful graffiti. These works of street art coexist in the streets of New York with luxurious Art Deco sculptures on display for the public to see. So, if you were thinking about it before, we confirm it for you: visiting New York is like visiting a street art museum. Therefore, stay on the EGOPROOF blog. That way, you can get to know urban art in New York with us! Are you ready? Let's see!


Is New York known for street art?

Please get to know urban art in New York with us! And one of the starting points is to discuss whether New York City is known for street art. New York is known for many reasons. It's a big concrete jungle full of art and fashion and full of so many people worldwide. It is a cosmopolitan city where different expressions of art are combined. Thanks to that, New York is also known for urban art. Also, when we visit New York, it is evident that we can find urban art in many of its corners. You can find works by great graffiti artists such as Banksy and Eduardo Kobra on various walls in the city. The Bushwick neighborhood (in Brooklyn) and the Lower East Side (in Manhattan) are known for their many artistic murals. Do you like urban art and also streetwear? Buy street fashion here at EGOPROOF! You have to visit our catalog by clicking here.

Brief History of Urban Art in New York

Get to know urban art in New York with us! And to continue the tour, let's talk about New York art history. In the 1970s, street art was born in New York. During this time, the city was plagued by crime and bankruptcy. In response to this chaos, young children in Brooklyn and the Bronx began spray painting subway cars and buildings. Although this practice is illegal and dangerous, it has created an art form that has spread worldwide. Thanks to its popularization, street art is now as popular in museums and galleries as classical art. For this reason, there are many street art museums in New York.


What city in New York is known for its art scene?

If you want to continue learning urban art in New York with us, we recommend you get to know the cities in New York best known for being art venues. Keep reading!




If you want to admire street art in New York, then Manhattan must be part of your tour. Large murals with an underlying message are often created on Manhattan's streets. A well-known landmark in the city is the Houston Bowery Wall. This section of a wall was painted by Keith Haring in 1982. However, many artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey have followed in his footsteps. Therefore, the art on this wall is constantly changing.




Although Manhattan also stands out a lot for street art, in reality, Brooklyn is the beating heart of art in New York, street art or not. Brooklyn subways were painted with graffiti during the 1970s. The artworks went from being paint scribbles to uniquely styled creations. The Bushwick Neighborhood, in particular, is known for its many murals.

Where is the best street art in NYC?

Get to know urban art in New York with us! And if you want more details about where you can find the best works of art in New York, the following neighborhoods are to be noticed!




In Chelsea, you will find incredible works of art because it is the home of the High Line. As a result, the neighborhood is also rapidly growing. Thanks to that, foot traffic increases, resulting in more tourist attractions, like some of the best murals in New York City.




This community is historically Hispanic. The streets show the vitality of its residents. The streets of East Harlem are excellent for enjoying street art.




The Williamsburg neighborhood in New York has long been home to artists, and the streets reflect that. Always at the forefront of ingenuity, the area comes alive with lots of color and creativity.


5 Best Pieces of Street Art in New York

Get to know urban art in New York with us! The truth is that the experience would be incomplete if you didn't know some of the best pieces of urban areas in New York. Here are some you should know!




Although not one specific piece of street art, but several, this street art project brings together a diverse group of artists and promotes free events and activities related to the art world in all New York neighborhoods. The purpose of this project is to encourage the local community and tourists from around the globe to view and photograph original works. You can see some graffiti and murals from this project in Soho, Noho, and Nolita.




Eduardo Kobra is an exponent of São Paulo neo-avant-garde muralist, born in the city of São Paulo (Brazil). He highlights his portraits of famous personalities such as John Lennon, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, among many others. The works of this talented street artist are highly recognized in New York. His murals in Midtown, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, West Village, Soho, East Village, and Williamsburg have become tourist attractions, forming an essential part of the public art circuit.




The black and white mosaic was designed by artists from Naples, Italy, as a tribute to John Lennon. The Dakota building is adjacent to this park area, where the famous musician lived with his wife, Yoko Ono.




It is a series of outdoor murals that you can see through the streets and bridges of Dumbo, one of the most visited neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The work of the Japanese artist Yuko Shimizu illustrates the tentacles of an octopus forming the word "Yes" in color on one wall and the opposite wall, the same graphic version but in black and white.




One of the most photographed street art murals in New York shows two boxers, the artist Andy Warhol, an American plastic artist and filmmaker, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, an American artist of Haitian descent, in a position of defense of urban art.


Get to know urban art in New York with us! Knowing more about street art in New York allows you to learn more about the street art scene in the world. Remember that if you like our blog, you can subscribe to our newsletter, and if you like urban fashion, you can click here to buy products from the EGOPROOF streetwear collections. See you soon!

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