LGBTQ+ Rights Are Human Rights

For a collector. 🏳️‍🌈 Just like when someone says, "Why don't we have a white history month?" or "How come we don't have a straight pride parade?" or "Why don't white lives matter?" and you want to stick your foot in their throat, since when is any day not white history day, straight power day, or white lives matter more day?

If you aren't gay, don't have gay sex or marry a person with the same gender as you.

It doesn't have to be that difficult to understand there are people out there that don't follow your script. I hate pickles, but I married a woman who loves them, and I have to accept that she's wrong, but I still love the shit out of her.

If you don't love pickles, don't eat them.

If you don't love suckin' on balls, don't suck on balls.

If you don't like playing hopscotch, guess what, don't play hopscotch, and let the adults on the planet run things because you're obviously too fragile to be out here among the human folk who aren't hellbent on inserting their superiority into every nuanced conversation to anyone who doesn't match their beliefs or way of life 100%.

And let's not forget, everyone: If you wanna eat some dick, it's a free country. For now, at least.


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