Life Is Tough, But So Are You

You’re always tougher than you think you are. 💪 Life is hard 😒 there’s lots of B.S. 💩 people can be a-holes 😡 many governments have perfected the art of sucking 🤦‍♂️ corporations hate us 💰 healthcare for many of us is just a bankruptcy waiting to happen 🤕 and on and on and on. Yeesh. You’re tough though ✊️ and you can navigate said B.S. 🗺 work around roadblocks 🚘 find solutions to insane problems 🧮 and get yours and your happiness. 🥰 Don’t let that crap pull you down. ❌❌❌ It’s way too easy to get angry, depressed, whatever. But, we only get one life and we need our innermost strength to make that life a better place to be. And, we all have it. 🤗 And, if you don’t think you do, shout in the comments and let’s talk about it. ❤️

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