Love Like You Want To Be Loved (Oakland, CA)

I remember a few years back, I was out having a beer with a friend and he was saying how he wished he could find a girlfriend, but he couldn't find anyone to even give him the time of day. He said this shit while acting like a completely dismissive dick to the bartender serving us, and I think I said something like, "I bet you'd have better luck finding someone if you'd open your fucking eyes." Sure as shit, he ended up dating that bartender for a few months before finding the woman he got engaged to last Christmas. If you don't love out loud, don't expect to hear love back, for fuck's sake. It's like looking at your feet when you walk - how the hell are you going to see all the potential mates if you don't fucking look! Love people how you want to be loved, dammit! THIS IS YOUR REMINDER: LOVE LIKE YOU WANT TO BE LOVED, FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Photo is a freebie drop in Oakland, CA. ❤️‍⁠
#egoproof #oaklandish #oaklandart #streetartist

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