Love Yous Boos (San Francisco, CA)

O hai. 👋 Some random hospital snappies for you here. 📸 I included a great dusk shot of SF for you that Ang took. 🌅 Also, DRUGS. 💊 Pls consider throwing me a bit at my GoFundMe, or sharing it, or doing nothing at all. 💰 I fucking appreciate all of you who have donated so far. Over 150 mfers, many of whom I don’t even know! Amaze. 👏 Long way to get to $440K, but we on it dammit. And, I’m getting better and feeling better! 🤗 Peep my Rummikub set here, where I never won. 😢 And a lady came and played the harp in my room. 🎶 Dope. Love yous boos. Thank you so much. ❤️

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