Make America Healthy Again

🌎 I mean the world, but you know how [...] can be. I’m sick of seeing people act like irresponsible children with no common sense, governors reopening shit as if tons of people aren’t gonna get sick who otherwise wouldn’t have, or whatever. This shouldn’t be a political issue, it should be a health issue and we should be doing what’s best for our health first and foremost! It’s supposed to be the United States, but it often - way too often - feels like us vs. them or me vs. you or I’m right and you’re wrong or vice versa or whatever. Now is the time that we *should* be our best and safest selves, trying to get past this as soon as we can. Jobs don’t matter if you or your customers die six months from now. Instead of risking yourself and those around you, demand that your leaders give you more support to get through this! After all, if they care about you like they claim to, they’ll help. 💰 Right? Right? 👀

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