Mental health, fashion and urban art: a walk through the EGOPROOF catalog!

Mental health, fashion and urban art: a walk through the EGOPROOF catalog! How much do you know about us so far? Remember, it's a good day for a good day! And it is also an excellent day to learn more about EGOPROOF. EGOPROOF aims to offer art and urban fashion lovers valuable, comfortable urban fashion garments and accessories. However, we do it with a different approach than other brands, as our collections support mental health.


EGOPROOF is a space where you can feel accompanied and understood. The clothes not only adapt to your favorite style, but we also support you in the arduous process of healing your mindset. For this reason, today we want to offer you a tour of the EGOPROOF catalog, where you can learn more about our products and goals. Are you ready for this tour? Join us!


EGOPROOF's vision


If you are part of our community and regularly visit our website, you already know our vision goes beyond what many can imagine. It's unusual, we know, but it's a correct view when we live in difficult times. With the situation left by the pandemic, in many cases, people's health has been compromised in ways that few can understand. That is why EGOPROOF cares not only for people's style but also for their mental health.


Previously, we have told the story of the brand, which was born from two nomads who visited different cities, taking inspiration from conversations with other people. EGOPROOF is the reflection of two minds that know mental health struggles. That's why they want to support those who are going through the same problems. Best of all, we don't just do it through clothing and accessories.


What do you find on the EGOPROOF blog?

In our walk through the EGOPROOF catalog, we also want to tell you a little about our blog since they are interconnected. EGOPROOF products and garments reflect the vision of the brand. The blogs also address our purpose: to provide you with fashion and street art knowledge. In addition, we offer recommendations to take care of your mental health. So, if you are going through a bad time or like fashion and urban art, EGOPROOF is the right place!


Do you like urban fashion? If so, you can start wearing streetwear now! Do not miss the opportunity and access the EGOPROOF catalog to discover its collections by clicking here! Improve your urban fashion style with EGOPROOF!


How to take advantage of the EGOPROOF catalog?

In this walk through the EGOPROOF catalog, we also tell you how to take advantage of it. To get started, you can access the EGOPROOF catalog by clicking here. Once this is done, various streetwear products will be on display, including accessories. You will be able to know the prices and forms of payment. You will also be able to know what is in stock and what is not. In addition, you will be able to find out what part of the profits obtained from the sales of the products go to a charitable foundation. Thus, you can take advantage of the EGOPROOF catalog, not only buying your favorite clothes or accessories but also buying to be part of a good deed.


What can you find in the EGOPROOF catalog?

We continue with our walk through the EGOPROOF catalog. We reserve for the end everything you can find in our catalog. Take note of the following garments and accessories because perhaps you like more than one and want to have them all with you! We'll see!




Would a streetwear brand be a streetwear brand without hoodies? No, sure not. For this reason, EGOPROOF has several hoodies you can get according to your preferences. You can find hoodies from Made Of Lightning, All Worries, The Best Revenge, Home & Homies, Love Skull, and Bounce Bounce brands. They all belong to different collections of the brand. Trade here!




An excellent street style includes t-shirts as well as hoodies. For this reason, in the EGOPROOF catalog you get different t-shirts since each one is part of a separate collection. Therefore, you can find the LGBTQ+ Homies, Trans Homies, Free True You, All Worries, and Made Of Lightning T-shirts. But also, you will find the Bounce Bounce, Love Skull, and The Best Revenge t-shirts. Some are in black, some are in white, and they all have different prints and slogans. Trade here!




One of the favorite urban fashion accessories is hats. For this reason, in our walk through the EGOPROOF catalog, you will be able to find many of them. At EGOPROOF, you will get LGBTQ+ Homies Dad Hat, Made Of Lightning Snapback, Trans Homies Dad Hat, All Worries Snapback, and Free True You Dad caps. If you like different styles and colors in caps, then the EGOPROOF options are the most suitable for you. Trade here!




At EGOPROOF, we think of everything to improve your urban style. Therefore, if you are considering which bag to use to accompany your look, at EGOPROOF you also get good options in fanny packs and Tote Bags! Here, you can find the Homies fanny pack and the Homies tote bag.



Did you know that you can reflect your urban style not only through clothing? That's how it is! For this reason, you can find products such as mugs and mobile phone covers in our catalog. If you click here, you can find the True You iPhone mug and case, and the Trans Homies iPhone mug and case for free. In addition, you can also find the LGBTQ+ Homies mug for free.


Today, we decided to go through the EGOPROOF catalog so that you can learn more about our brand, as well as our vision and objective! You'll be able to expand your shopping possibilities at EGOPROOF, which will elevate your style and reflect your support of our vision by contributing to a charitable foundation. Isn't it amazing? We think so! 


Remember to visit our catalog and blog here to stay connected with our updates. However, the best thing you can do to be a part of our community is to subscribe to our newsletter! See you soon, friend!

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