Mental Health Is Not A Meme

Mental Health Is Not A Meme by EGOPROOF

September 02, 2022

NEW GOODS. Mental health is not a meme. 🙃 We all like to joke about being crazy or anxious or depressed or whatever. We love to cope through humor. 👁️‍🗨️ But, the truth is, mental health is not a meme. It's something we seriously need to talk about and support. ✊ This shirt and its accompanying dad hat are part of our new STICKY NOTES collection, featuring little handwritten notes of ours turned into embroidered bangers for you and yours. Hit the shop to check out all the new goods, and don't forget to check on your friends. Happy weekend. 😘 Oh, also, a portion of the proceeds from these new collections will be donated to NAMI. ♥️

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